Toshka project | Toshka lakes

The Toshka Project is a project that will take place in Egypt's Toshka Meadow district, with the aim of creating a new delta south of the Western Sahara that will run parallel to the Nile.

Project Description
The Toshka Project is a project to be held in the Toshka Meadow area in Egypt, which aims to create a new delta south of the Western Sahara parallel to the Nile,contributing to adding an area of ​​up to 540 thousand acres to the agricultural plot, irrigated with the water of the Nile, through the Sheikh Zayed canal, which has its share of water. About 5.5 billion m3 annually.Toshka project: Project goals
Overcoming the food gap by increasing the agricultural area by about 540 thousand feddans, up to one million feddans in the future.
* Maximize the return on available resources.
* Increasing agricultural exports, which helps reduce the trade balance deficit.
* Providing job opportunities for many young people especially those of Upper Egypt.
* Encouraging the reconstruction, housing and development of these areas and alleviating the human
pressure on the Nile Valley and Delta.Toshka lakes
Where are Toshka lakes
 Toshka Lakes, located in the western desert of Egypt,contain the surplus waters of the Nile and Lake Nasser.The water from the lakes flows into a valley located in  the southernmost part of Lake Nasser What are the services in the new city of Toshka?
 -Health Unit
 -Shopping center
 -water station
-Basic education school and nursery school

What is the area of ​​the new city of Toshka?
 The area of ​​the city (the inner cordon) is 2873 acres, and the area of ​​the outer cordon is 10992 acres