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Al Sehemy House | Cairo Attractions

  • 05 16, 2023

Al Sehemy House A stroll down Islamic Cairo’s El Moez Street throughout most of Cairo Day Tours will bring you thru a busy space of Egypt’s notable Khan Al Khalili. on the far side, the slim alley of jewelry retailers and eager shopkeepers, this notable street reveals and becomes a captivating cobblestone street.

Khan El Khalili

Khan El Khalili


This end of Moez Street is home to many attractions and has seen a small amount of revival over the past decade. abundant of this is often thanks to the renovations of Al Sehemy House, one of every of Cairo’s historical treasures.

It is a posh of 2 homes inbuilt in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. It is thought-about one of the best remainings

Al Sehamy House

Bayt El Suhaymi

examples of businessperson homes. For years, Al Sehemy's home has been one of the fascinating places things to do in Cairo sat in its ramshackle state, unused and unappreciated. However, the Nineteen Nineties project to revive the historic website to its original state proved not solely helpful for the building; except for the whole neighborhood furthermore.

Since the large renovation of Al Sehemy House, the structure is currently receptive to the general public as a depository and for a spread of performances. throughout Ramadan, the home is associated particularly common website for concerts and performances organized by the Ministry of Culture. Beit El Suheimi is additionally nice year-round forTannoura dances and storytelling or for a quiet afternoon tour.

The first area of the home is a grand reception with imposingly high ceilings and a protracted pendant. Despite the straightforward stone walls, the area is grand with complex picket Mashrabeya screens letting lowest lightweight however

incredible privacy. The fantastically designed screens square measure a feature throughout the house, adding an upscale tonal distinction to the stone structure.

The second floor could be a little bit of a maze, and dark, skinny halls typically cause darker rooms with low ceilings. a number of the

rooms square measure utterly empty aside from a layer of dirt caked to the walls, whereas others have carpets and a number of tables and accessories. One second-floor area lacks screened windows however encompasses a pretty balcony with a bright red of the court below. This area encompasses seats and is nice for catching your bearings while exploring the rather estranging house.

After exploring the maze of the house, the last stop ought to be behind Al Sihimi House, wherever a second court displays a series of pictures representational process pictures of the House before, during, and once the recent large renovations.

The house and more archeological sites built by Muslims can be explored during many of our exceptional Egypt travel packages that also cover most of the history and we recommend you to experience Egypt Christmas tours to see the highlights of Cairo and also get excited and learn about t ancient Egyptian architecture through our Egypt Nile cruise tours and especially in April to enjoy the mild temperatures when you book Egypt Easter tours.

Cairo Attractions

You can choose to go to different places to see something really cool called Tourism Industry In Egypt | Egypt Tourism. It's a special place where you can learn about how amazing Egypt is.

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Al Sehemy House was constructed in the 17th century during the Ottoman period. Its architecture reflects the typical urban homes of the time.

Cairo is a city where things like food, clothes, and housing cost less compared to other cities in the world. This information came from a survey done by a group called the Economist's Intelligence Unit.s


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