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the Virgin Mary’s tree.

  • 05 16, 2023

the Virgin Mary’s tree.

The Virgin Mary tree in Al-Matareya is located in the far north of the city of Cairo, near the Obelisk of Senusret, and Mary’s tree is considered one of the Coptic monuments known in Cairo and is known as the Virgin Mary’s tree. It is surrounded by a large wall and in the center is a beautiful garden.

In the past, the fame of this region became famous for its universities that were private to Egyptian priests and scholars, and whose fame spread in teaching all sciences of science and knowledge, and the fame and fame of this region became famous again due to the arrival of the Holy Family to Egypt via that region.

Mary's tree in Al-Matareya

Egypt was the first to host the Holy Family when it escaped from the oppression of Herod, the King of the Jews (Roman) at that time until he wanted to kill Christ the child, as he knew A. There is a child who was born and will be king over the Jews, so he was disturbed and feared for his kingdom, so he ordered the killing of all children Who are in the Bethlehem area of ​​Palestine in which Christ was born.

Likewise, all of its borders, from two years old and below, the Holy Family fled to Egypt, and when Herod died, they returned to Palestine again, and when Herod, King of the Jews, had sent someone looking for them, he was able to spy their news due to what happened of miracles that the child used to come during his journey along the way Among what he narrated and knew that statues and idols were falling and smashing as a result

of the child's passing on them, so their fame spread and their stories passed on, and this reached King Herod's ears, so he decided to send his soldiers and provided them with his recommendations to the rulers of Egypt, stressing the search for this family consisting of Joseph the carpenter,

the Virgin Mary and the child Christ. When the family felt the pursuit of Herod’s men and their proximity to them, they hid under this tree and bowed over them with its branches, and completely concealed them from the eyes of Herod’s messengers until they passed their knees and escaped their wickedness.

Al-Maqrizi and Maryam's Tree:

The Islamic historian al-Maqrizi, who lived around the middle of the fifteenth century AD, mentioned that the Holy Family landed near Ain Shams in the direction of al-Matareya, and there they rested next to a spring of water, and Mary washed in it the clothes of Christ and poured the washing machine

of water in those lands, so God planted an elderberry and did not know any place in the land Except there, and he was watered from the water of a well venerated by the Christians, blocking it, bathing with its water, and healing with it, and it was also mentioned that he was extracting from the aforementioned elderberry the perfume of balsam, and it was considered one of the precious gifts sent to the kings.

And it was a prominent place for many tourists and pilgrims from different parts of the world, and the Egyptian Coptic Church still celebrates that blessed memory in the first month of June every year, which is the remembrance of Christ's entry into the land of Egypt.

Mary's Tree during the French Campaign:

During the French campaign against Egypt, the French soldiers stopped on their way to visit the Virgin Tree, and many of them wrote their names on its branches with their swords, and we can see that clearly on the ancient tree.

The current tree of Mary:

Mary's tree in Al-MatareyaMary's tree


It is noteworthy that the original Virgin Mary tree, with which the Holy Family rested, was perceived by weakness and weakness and fell in 1656 AD, so a group of priests took a branch from the branches of this tree and planted it in the church adjacent to the tree are called the Church of the Tree Mary and the tree grew and branched, and recently a branch was taken.

This tree, and was planted adjacent to the original ancient tree, which is full of leaves and sycamore fruits, now it is mentioned that people go to this tree to be blessed with it, and there is a belief by some Christians that this tree makes women pregnant who are unable to conceive.

You can learn interesting things about Giza City | Greater Cairo | Ancient History Encyclopedia. Some people traveled to Egypt and discovered a lot of fascinating information about these places.

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Mary's tree is very important because the Virgin Mary resided during her final years. It is said that she lived in a small stone house near this tree until her Assumption into heaven. As a result, the tree holds religious significance for Christians who venerate Mary.


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