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  • Atlas Studios

    Atlas Studios

    Atlas Studios, also known as Film City, is a well-known film studio in Morocco. It has been used as a filming location for many international movies and TV shows.

  • Rabat


    Rabat is the capital city of Morocco, located on the country's Atlantic coastline. It is situated across the Bouregreg River from the city of Salé and forms the Rabat-Salé urban area. With a rich history dating back to the Roman era, Rabat is known for its blend of modernity and traditional Moroccan architecture.

  • Erfoud


    Erfoud is a city located in eastern Morocco, known as the gateway to the Sahara Desert. It is a popular destination for travelers seeking to explore the stunning desert landscapes and experience the unique culture and hospitality of the region. Erfoud offers opportunities for camel trekking, visits to the nearby Merzouga Dunes, and exploring the local markets and traditional crafts.

  • Merzouga Dunes

    Merzouga Dunes

    The Erg Chebbi Dunes, also known as the Merzouga Dunes, are a stunning natural wonder located in southeastern Morocco. These majestic dunes stretch as far as the eye can see, with some reaching heights of up to 150 meters. The Erg Chebbi Dunes are a popular destination for travelers looking to experience the beauty of the Sahara Desert.

  • Khenifiss National Park

    Khenifiss National Park

    Explore the beauty of Morocco's natural reserve at Khenifiss National Park. Located in the southwestern part of the country, this park is home to diverse wildlife and stunning landscapes. Visitors can enjoy hiking, birdwatching, and exploring the unique ecosystems found in the park.

  • Ouzoud Waterfalls

    Ouzoud Waterfalls

    The Ouzoud Waterfalls, located in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, are a stunning natural wonder and a popular tourist destination. The falls cascade over a series of rocky cliffs, creating a breathtaking sight and a refreshing mist in the air. Visitors can hike down to the base of the falls, passing by olive groves and encountering local Barbary macaque monkeys along the way.

The Pharaonic Village

  • 05 16, 2023

The Pharaonic Village

The Pharaonic Village is one of the most popular attractions in Cairo that sheds light on ancient Egyptian civilization, as you'll learn about the Pharaonic lifestyle and arts with Cairo Top Tours during your visit to this bustling village that describes a variety of Pharaonic rituals and culture, including the art of mummification, social creation, and beliefs. It is surrounded by 5000 trees tall enough to screen neighboring vestiges of modern life, giving visitors the impression that they have traveled back in time 5000 years.

Mummification in Ancient Egypt

Mummification in Ancient Egypt


It was designed to be a spectacular journey back in time to the days of the pharaohs, a time brought to life by a fantastic cast of actors and actresses, with faithful and exact replicas of houses, clothes, and lifestyles.

Pharaonic Village is ideal for all members of the family, so you can take your children there to learn more about one of the world's most prominent and greatest civilizations, as they will enjoy seeing the ancient Egyptian statues and learning about their ancient life in a fun and engaging way.

This opulent village was built in Cairo by Dr. Hassan Ragab, and you'll also get to take a relaxing sailing trip on the famous Nefertari Yacht, where you'll learn about how the Pharaohs were mummified and why they built such beautiful temples that drew so many tourists to Egypt specifically to see them, as well as learn about the building methods and pyramids.

The pharaonic village is a representation of industries, sports, arts, and historical and mythological events. Tourists commonly visit it to learn about the most important aspects of ancient Egyptian civilization, as well as to learn about the pyramids and construction methods.

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The Pharaonic Village is one of the most popular attractions in Cairo. You'll learn about the Pharaonic lifestyle during your visit to this bustling village that describes a variety of Pharaonic rituals and culture, including the art of mummification, social creation, and beliefs. 

The Pharaonic Village was founded in the late 20th century with the aim of providing an immersive experience of ancient Egyptian life and culture. It was designed to be both entertaining and educational, offering visitors a glimpse into the world of the pharaohs.


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