Ancient Egyptian Civilization

Egypt is considered the land of civilizations since the earliest times, as civilizations were established in it on the banks of the Nile River, which is considered a symbol of fertility and stability for the people of ancient and even modern Egypt, and the civilizations of ancient Egypt began more than 5500 years before Christ. these two kingdoms came under one rule, and the ruler over them was King Narmer, who called Minis, and from here began the civilization of ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egyptian Civilization

Lower Egypt is a territory located north of the land in the Nile Delta region and is characterized by economic progress. Upper Egypt is located in the southern part of the country, on the mountain and desert reliefs, along the Nile Valley area, and is characterized by lower fertility of the soil and a poorer economy.

The unification of the two territories in the New Kingdom started in Upper Egypt and is symbolized by the representation of the double crown of sovereigns, one white and one red, symbolizing the valley and the Nile delta. Egyptian civilization evolved along the Nile river.

The cyclic flooding of the Nile has always made the land very fertile and the Egyptian civilization has developed to become one of the first monumental civilizations in human history.


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