Al Sharqia Governorate Egypt | Historical Importance of Al Sharqia

Al Sharqia governorate is found within the northeastern part of Egypt. The governorate is deckled by Ismaeliya to its east, El Qalyoubiya governorate to its south, El Manzala Lake within the north, and El Daqahila within the west. The governorate consists of many body centers, towns, and cities. The Al Sharqia governorate is well connected by rail and road to alternative governorates, creating it simply accessible to most components of the country.

Al Sharqia Governorate Egypt 

Al-Sharqiyyah is densely inhabited. The flat, sediment governorate supports a spread of irrigated crops, as well as cotton, corn (maize), rice, wheat, soybeans, peanuts (groundnuts), sesame, and citrus fruits. Ducks and chickens square measure raised, and Lake Manzala supports fishing.

Fish farming has additionally been introduced. Industries embrace food processes, brewage production, and electrical components production. many irrigation canals cross the governorate, as well as the Sharqiyyah, which partially follows the bed of the previous Pelusiac channel of the Nile.

Historical Importance of Al Sharqia

the foremost east-west canal is the Ismailia Canal, linking Ismailia on the ship canal through the gully. It follows the course of a canal mamma in times of yore. Area 1,614 sq. miles (4,180 sq. km). Pop. (2010 est.) 5,736,644.

Throughout the history of Egypt, the Sharqi governorate has been seen because of the jap gate of Egypt, wherever invaders may burgle the country.

To unify defensive capabilities, Sharqi was consolidated into El Dakahila governorate with its capital at Belbays town within the Middle Ages. In 1315, however, Sharqi once more became a separate governorate. The capital of Sharqi was modified from Belbays town to El Zagazig town throughout the nineteenth century.

Al Sharqi governorate's national day of celebration is the Gregorian calendar month ninth. This marks the day that the leader Ahmed Qrabi confronted and defeated the vicereine Twakif within the year 1881. the symbol of Shaqria governorate is inexperienced, which signifies the bountiful agricultural land and an image of a white horse within the center because of its quality as a tract for Arabian horses.

The total surface area coated by the governorate of Al Sharqi is four,911.00 Km². most cities that form up for Al Sharqi square measure the following:

10th of Ramadan
Abu Hammad
Abu Kebir
Al Hesinyah
Al Ibrahimiyah
Al Obour
Al Korean
Awlad Sakr
Darb Nejm
El Qenayat
Kafr Saqr
Mashtoul El Souq
Media El Game
San El Hagar


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