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Qena is additionally filled with exciting and in-style traveler attractions, together with ruler monuments like Denderah Temple. This website is located on the geographic area of the Nile River, five-kilometer from Qena town. It still has inscriptions and writing that go all the approach back to Queen Cleopatra’s era and additionally has Greek writings. together with that, the governorate has Muslim shrines together with the mosques of Seedy Abdel Rehem el-Qenae, the Omari house of prayer in Qoos, and additionally the Coptic monasteries in Naqada Markaz.

History of Qena governorate
Qena is one in each of the twenty-seven governorates of Egypt. The established history and heritage mark this governorate as all the cities settled within the river vale. Indeed, we will notice a great deal concerning its history within the remaining Ancient Egyptian monuments in Naqada and Dendera. These monuments ensure that Qena’s history extended as long back because of the history of civilization in Egypt.

 Later, Muhammad Ali, WHO started ruling Egypt in 1805, divided the country into directorates. consequently, Girga “Upper Egypt” became one in each of these directorates. Also, this board had many cities, together with Mishta within the north and Qena and Esna within the south.

According to another demonstrative division in 1960, Qena became a governorate. And thus, it extended from the south of Sohag governorate to Esna town within the south. Finally, in 2009, Luxor split from it to make a replacement governorate.

Administrative Divisions of the Governorate
Qena governorate consists of the subsequent eleven body divisions of eleven central cities:

Abu Tesht.
El Waqf.
Also, Farshut.
New Qena.
Naga Hammadi.
Additionally, Naqada.
Quft (Gebtu or Coptos).
Besides, Qus.
The top central cities (Markazes) have rural native units with subordinated villages.

Naqada city
Naqada could be a city on the geographical region of the river in Qena Governorate, Egypt, settled ca. twenty klick north of Luxor. It includes the villages of Tukh, Katara, Danfiq, and Zawayda. consistent with the 1960 census, it's one of the foremost abandoned areas and had solely three,000 inhabitants, principally of the Christian religion, WHO preserved parts of the Coptic language up till the Nineteen Thirties.

Qift Town
Qift, conjointly Triticum spelta Kuft, Greek Coptos, or Koptos, agricultural city, Qina muhafazah (governorate), territorial division. It lies on its east bank at the big bend of the river north of Luxor (al-Uqsur). well-known to the traditional Egyptians as Qebtu, the city was of AN early folk foundation. it absolutely was vital for the close gold and stone mines within the jap Desert to figure throughout the primary and second dynasties (c. 2925–c. 2650 BCE) and as a starting line for expeditions to Punt (in fashionable Somalia). Qebtu was related to the god Min (temple ruins remain) and therefore the deity Isis, who, consistent with legend, found a part of Osiris’ body there. Destroyed in 292 cerium by Diocletian, Qift later became a Christian community, loaning its name to the Coptic Christians of Egypt and Egypt via the Greek name Aegyptus. vital as a medieval caravan trade center, the city is understood principally for its ruins. The far-famed road to the Red Sea, via gully Hammamat that created the city vital, starts simply to the east at the desert edge. Pop. (2006) 22,063.

Attractions in Qena Governorate
Temples of Dendera
The complicated Temple of Dendera is one of every of the best-preserved temple complexes in Egypt. the entire complicated covers some forty,000 sq. meters, and an enormous mud-brick boxed-in wall surrounds it. Dendera Temple complicated stands seven klicks from Qena, about 2.5 kilometers southeast of Dendera, Qena Governorate-Egypt. This space was used because of the sixth Nome of territorial division, south of Abydos.


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