South Sinai Governorate | Sinai Desert Egypt

The South Sinai Governorate is considered one of the most beautiful and wonderful tourist areas in Egypt. God has endowed it with the enchanting nature between mountains, plains, valleys and beautiful beaches, in addition to the seawater where coral reefs, rare fish and stunning nature.

It is noteworthy that the governorate of South Sinai was established from the governorate of Sinai, in late 1978, especially after the beginning of the first stages of the Israeli withdrawal from the peninsula, and the northern borders of the governorate follow almost the old pilgrimage route, or what is known as Darb Al-Haj from Suez to Eilat In the occupied part of Palestine, and in the year 1910 AD, the first oil field was discovered there, and then the oil fields increased in that region, especially when West Sinai returned to Egypt.

The South Sinai Governorate is considered a global center for tourism of all kinds, as it is characterized by all climatic, natural, land and marine components, which are valid for all types of tourism, foremost among which is tourism, such as beach tourism, diving tourism, snorkeling in Sharm El Sheikh, snorkeling in Dahab, and water sports on the Gulf of Aqaba, then medical tourism and herbal remedies are available. The most famous races are camel racing and the associated folkloric carnivals, and the importance of the cities of South Sinai is increasing in conference tourism, especially in Sharm El Sheikh, which hosts many international conferences.

The most important tourist areas are concentrated in the Golden Triangle (Sharm El-Sheikh - Nuweiba - Dahab), and it includes the Monastery of Saint Catherine which contains (the library - the Great Church - the Library of Icons - the Holy Family Tree - the Church of the Dead - the ruler mosque in Amrallah, and other monastery buildings), as well Mount of Sinai, Mount Serbal, which has five peaks and in the middle of it an ancient monastery, a church and caves of hermits, the famous turquoise mountains, Pharaoh’s bath, Musa’s bath, Wadi al-Maghara, the Serapis el-Khadim temple, Neama bay, Pharaoh’s Island, Tiran Island, Shark’s Bay,

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