7 Days Cairo and Mount Sinai Trek Tour

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7 Days Safari adventure tour in Cairo and Mount Trek hiking

With this 7-Day Cairo and Mount Sinai Trek Tour Package, first we will enjoy visiting most attractions sites in Cairo like the Giza pyramids and the Egyptian museum, and try to walk in Cairo by night. Then we invite you to experience our hiking and trekking with our Egypt tours in Egypt while visiting Byzantine remains, a seasonal waterfall, and El Karm Eco-Lodge with our Egypt travel packages all time. 

The walks pass through a variety of terrain, including spectacular landforms, lofty peaks and plateaus, deep valleys, palm tree oases, Bedouin towns, rolling dunes, and rare springtime desert blossoms. Hurry to book one of our Egypt desert safari tours today.

  • Transportation from Cairo airport to your hotel and back and from your hotel in Cairo to the South Sinai governorate and back.
  • Your transfers to Sinai city are done by modern air-conditioned vehicles with Cairo Top Tours.
  • Entrance fees to the mentioned sites in the program.
  • Professional tour guide during your Egypt day tours.
  • Bottled water and a soft drink.
  • Local Bedouin guides throughout the trekking trips in Sinai.
  • All taxes that might be charged for your Cairo day tours are included.
  • shopping tours in Cairo
  • 3-night accommodation in Cairo Pyramids Hotel
  • 3-night accommodation in the Bedouin camp - eco loge el karm full board

At Cairo International Airport, your tour guide from Cairo Top Tours will be waiting for you to help with the immigration process and bring you in a private vehicle to the beginning of your great Egypt Luxury tours. As soon as you arrive at the hotel in Giza, our tour manager will assist you with checking in swiftly and conveniently. He or she will also go through your itinerary for Egypt Travel Packages with you to ensure that all pick-up times are convenient for you and your travel companion.

Overnight in a hotel in Cairo

Your English-speaking tour guide will meet you at the hotel to start your trip after breakfast to visit The Great Pyramid of King Cheops and the Middle Pyramid of his son Chephren, two of the world's oldest wonders that are still standing today, may be seen at Giza Pyramids. you will also visit the Great Sphinx and the Valley Temple of King Chephren.

You will be taken to the Egyptian Museum, a two-story building that houses the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts in the world in addition to the unique golden treasure that the young king Tutankhamun unharmed discovered in the Valley of the Kings.

at last transfer you to your hotel and overnight.

our representative will meet you in your Cairo hotel to start your wonderful Sinai Trekking Tours, begin the road trip to Sinai in the early morning for about 5 hours drive, then we will arrive and check into the Bedouin camp - eco loge el karm- before starting the trekking tour in Sinai. rest for an hour, check your packing, and start your hike.

first, we will go to Wadi Al Fara There is a 3 km offroad drive, The highlight of this hike is a steep mountain climb and steep descent.

the next stop is Jabal Shayeb Al Banat is one of the mountains of the Red Sea in the Eastern Desert of Egypt. The mountain is made up of large igneous rock slabs, and a series of deep valleys descend from its flanks. Tourists travel to this mountain to engage in a variety of activities, including camping, hiking paths, and rock climbing. then transfer you to visit wadi el nogra

at last return you back to your eco loge el karm camp

enjoy bedouin tea and prepare for breakfast at camp, then transfer you to Wadi tala, You will return to St. Katherine along the way that lies ahead. Instead, use the lower path that leads directly into Wadi Itlah and is accessible through a tiny opening in the side of a stone retaining wall. From this vantage point, you can clearly see the noticeable impact of the thin water curtains that, after a rain, flow off the rock face, coloring it white and leaving a V-shaped indentation.

then we transfer you to visit A sheik's tomb and a Bedouin hamlet can be found in this location amid the Sinai's high highlands. It's a well-liked hiking location due to the varied mountain landscapes on the trails connecting St. Katherine and here.

then return you back to your camp to rest and have lunch.

after breakfast at camp, we will travel back to Cairo , transfer you to your Cairo hotel ,check-in, and overnight

After breakfast, you will be transferred by our tour guide to the Citadel of Salah El-Din to see the Mohamed Ali Alabaster Mosque, one of Islamic main attractions in Cairo.

After choosing from among the most delectable delicacies of Egyptian cuisine for lunch, take one of the half-day excursions of Old Cairo's churches while learning about Babylon's ancient Roman fortifications. One of the highlights of these trips is the Hanging Church.

You will also view the St. Sergius Church, which was constructed over the crypt where St. Joseph the Carpenter, Jesus Christ, and his mother resided for about three months. The Ben Ezra Synagogue is the last building you will see. It was constructed before the ninth century and was later changed from a Coptic church to a Jewish synagogue.

See the Islamic neighborhood of Cairo as we continue our Cairo day tours. Together with mosques like Egypt's Al-Hakim mosque, you can observe historical defenses. The city's ancient stone-paved streets and its mediaeval madrasas, sails, and city gates are remnants of the Islamic era. As you take in the minarets of Al Hussein Mosque and Al Azhar Mosque in the oldest section of the Islamic quarter, Khan El Khalili, Egypt's oldest souk, cap off your tours of Islamic Cairo with a mint tea at Fishawy, one of the oldest and most renowned traditional Egyptian coffeeshops, Cairo's oldest coffee shop.

Then, our tour guide will return you to your hotel so you may relax there.

Enjoy your breakfast before being transferred to Cairo International Airport for your final flight.

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There may be age or health restrictions on some activities, even though many desert safari tours are appropriate for people of all ages and fitness levels. To make sure the tour is appropriate for you and your group, it is imperative to check with the tour operator.

Yes, it is generally safe to go on an Egypt Desert Safari Tour as long as you choose a reputable tour operator and follow their safety guidelines. It's important to travel with experienced guides who are knowledgeable about the desert environment and have proper safety measures in place.

Yes, on many desert safari tours, opportunities to experience Bedouin life are included. This gives participants a unique opportunity to explore the traditional Bedouin way of life and interact with their culture and traditions. Opportunities may include:

  1. Visiting Bedouin camps: Participants can stay in traditional tents, eat Bedouin food, and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of the desert.
  2. Participate in Bedouin activities: Camel rides, learning how to tie Bedouin knots, and watching performances of Bedouin arts and culture.
  3. Visit Bedouin markets: Participants can interact with local commerce and purchase traditional handicrafts.

No, absolutely not. In fact, we'd advise you to explore Egypt's culture. Many packages include full board, which gives the impression that guests must remain cooped up in their hotels, but Cairo's sights and noises, in particular, are too amazing to be missed. You may go out and eat supper on a cruise boat that is going around Zamalek Island, accompanied by either a belly dancer or a Whirling Dervish, or occasionally both, instead of staying in the same hotel with the same faces. You should make the most of every second of your vacation by going exploring.


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