God Geb | God of the Earth

Geb is one of the ancient Egyptian gods, and he is associated with the "Tasus Heliopolis." He is the brother of the sky goddess Nut, and they are the two sons of the god of air, Shu, and his wife, Tefnut, who was once thought to be the goddess of moisture and water, but is now known as the goddess of "fire" by archaeologists.

Geb was considered the prince of the Egyptian gods,  this deity symbolized fertility as being the beginning of life. On the other hand, it was responsible for supplying the minerals and precious stones found underground.

The deity was represented by a man with green skin, its color symbolized the land of the Nile, the vegetation, and life, it was also visualized with a goose on its head since this bird is its personification.

His parents were Tefnut and Shu who gave him the throne leaving him as heir, after the conspiracy by Apophis, who was a serpent who represented evil, which made him the third pharaoh.

Geb had a sister named Nut, who was his wife, this union represented one of the couples that made up the Heliopolitan Ennead, from that relationship four children were born: Osiris, Isis, Seth, and Nephthys.

The earth god, could also be found lying on the ground with his erect penis, trying to reach his wife without triumph, since his father was in charge of separating them, Shu could be seen in the middle of the two, representing the valleys and mountains that keep them away.

By dominating the underworld, Geb was in charge of keeping captive the souls that had not been just, representing the sarcophagus box, while Nut was the cover of it, thus incarnating the guardian of the gates of heaven.

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