God Khonsu | God of the Moon

Khonsu, known as the god of the moon in Egyptian mythology is associated with medicines, he was known as the protector of the sick, in addition to warding off evil spirits, he even represented fertility on earth and birth. He was known since ancient times as the son of "Amun and Mut" and his temple in Karnak is incredibly preserved.

God Khonsu 

In the texts of the pyramids and sarcophagi, he is mentioned as a rather cruel and even aggressive god, who was in charge of feeding the Egyptian gods and also helping the pharaoh by hunting and protecting him from evil geniuses.

God Khonsu is also known for being a god traveling at night, the skies in his boat. In what they call the Theban triad he appears as the son of Mut and Amun. He is regarded as a bearded man in a marching position as well as the ancient empire, capable of transforming into a child, he was even crowned by the crescent moon.

God of the Moon

Carry a nail scepter and a necklace on his chest or hands. Furthermore, he has been represented as a man with the head of a hawk. Some called them the god that kept away evil spirits or as the healer god.

The main temple of Khonsu is located in Karnak, just inside the temple of the god Amun and in Kom Ombo they worshiped him as the son of Sobek and Hathor. This temple began to be built by Ramses III during the new kingdom and was finished in the Ptolemaic era.

Many beliefs attribute that he is known as a god who is related to time and that is why he carries a palm branch in his hands which he uses to measure the passage of time. He has assigned some epithets such as the bolt of youth, which is capable of piercing the traveler (already as a moon god).


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