Temple of Khnum at Esna

The temple of Khnum in the city of Esna, south of Luxor. It is the only one remaining in its state of the ancient temples of Esna, which exceeded the number 4 and is considered one of the most important tourist destinations for its uniqueness.

Temple of Khnum at Esna

The Temple of Khnum in the city of Esna is located about 55 km south of Luxor on the west bank of the Nile, where it was discovered and cleaned from rubble in 1843 AD, in the second half of the nineteenth century towards the end of Muhammad Ali Pasha reign.

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The temple is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in the city of Esna which administratively belongs to Aswan, as it is the only remaining of the four temples that were present in Esna, three of which are in the northwest of Esna (Asfour - Kom el-Dair - west of Esna), while the fourth was located in the east of Esna (Hilla), and in the year 1830, Another temple was discovered in Kummer, southwest of Esna, about 10 km.

However, these temples disappeared in the last century and nothing remains of them except what is indicated by them, confirming that the French scientist (Champollion) visited the Temple of Esna in the year 1828 AD and stated that he saw inscriptions bearing The name of King Tuthmosis in this temple, and it is believed that the current temple was built on the ruins of an ancient temple dating back to the era of the Third Dynasty Ment of ten, where he found the inscriptions bearing the name of King Thutmose in 1468 - 1436 BC, which was mentioned in the name of the city of Esna his reign.

Most historians have suggested that the temple dates back to the middle state of the Twelfth Dynasty, 1991-1778 BC, where the temple was destroyed and rebuilt in the Sawi era of the twenty-sixth family, and most of it lies under modern houses in Esna, while the current temple began construction in the era of the Ptolemaic King Ptolemy the third, nicknamed the Philopator, that is, the lover of his mother was added to it in the Roman era a hall belonging to the era of the Roman Emperor (Claudius) 40 AD, and the decoration of the hall was in the era of Vesian, Trajan and Hadrian,

and the last engravings date back to the time of Emperor Decius around the year 249 - 250 AD on the western wall For the temple, that is, this temple It will pass in its construction and decoration during the 400 years of separate periods between the year 181 BC - the year 250 AD.

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