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Serapis was worshipped as a god of healing and the other world and was always depicted as a man with a beard and curly hair, with clothes on the top of his head. His temple, the "Serapeum", in the city of Alexandria was the most important, and patients used to go to this temple from all over for healing.

God Serapis 

Serapis was usually depicted as the sun, fertility, and afterlife. His companion was Isis, the wife of Osiris, and one of the most popular deities according to religion in ancient Egypt during the Ptolemaic Period. Serapis was represented as a man with an elaborate Greek hairstyle wearing Greek-style robes and a full beard. He often wears a basket on his head. Sometimes he is depicted as a serpent in honor of his connection with the underworld and fertility.

The cult of Serapis was a huge success for the Ptolemaic dynasty, and various temples were built in Egypt for his worship. The main temple was in the Ptolemaic capital, Alexandria. According to the geographer Strabo, the Serapeum in Alexandria stood in the west of the city. Although it was an important site throughout the Mediterranean.

Ancient Egyptian Gods

The Gods of ancient Egypt were very much like humans they loved and hated, they felt jealous and fought, they took revenge, killed, and also died during an amazing myth full of joyful, action, and dramatic events that inspired modern movie directors and producers to create world-famous movies about the grandeur of the Pharaohs and the Gods they worshipped.


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