Giza Pyramids Stopover Tour

Price Starting From : $65

Giza Pyramids Half-Day Tour from the Airport 

Begin your Egypt trips with Cairo Top Tours, where we'll be your guides to discover the wonders of the Giza Pyramids. Join us for the Giza Pyramids Half-Day Tour from the Airport and let us show you the beauty of this ancient site.

 Giza Pyramids Stopover Tour

Experience a remarkable adventure with the Giza Pyramids Stopover Tour, an unforgettable highlight and one of the top activities in Cairo, Egypt. This tour offers you the chance to explore the incredible trio of Pyramids in Giza – the largest built for King Cheops, the middle one for King Chephren, and the smallest belonging to King Mycerinus, also known as Men-Ka-Ra in Hieroglyphs. You'll also visit the Valley Temple that gazes upon the majestic Great Sphinx. As a fantastic option, you can even enjoy a camel ride around the Giza Pyramids, perfect for capturing wonderful photos.They were used as tombs for pharaohs' kings and queens, and they were buried in them after their death. Mummies were placed inside the pyramids along with the treasures and tools they would need in the afterlife.Se utilizaban como tumbas para los reyes y reinas faraones, que eran enterrados en ellas tras su muerte. Las momias se colocaban en el interior de las pirámides junto con los tesoros y herramientas que necesitarían en la otra vida.

No matter your timetable, the Cairo day tours from the airport provide an ideal way to witness the best of Cairo's treasures. The majority of the well-known pyramids were constructed during a time period in ancient Egyptian history known as the Age of the Pyramids, often referred to as the Pyramid Age. The Fourth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom, which ruled from roughly 2613 BCE to 2494 BCE, also fell at this time. In ancient Egypt, King Khufu was regarded as the second ruler of the Fourth Dynasty. 


  • All transport services from Giza or Cairo hotels and return by Cairo Top Tours.
  • Transports are done by an exclusive air-conditioned vehicle.
  • Admission fees to all the sites listed within the tour itinerary are included.
  • English-speaking tour guide to accompany you through your tours to Egypt.
  • Bottled water on board the vehicle during all our Cairo Day Tours.
  • Shopping tours in Giza. (upon request).
  • Any service charges and taxes of Egypt Day Tours are included during the Giza Pyramids Half-Day Tour from Airport.
  • Extra items not mentioned in the Cairo Trips program.
  • Camel Rides around the Giza Pyramids area for 30 minutes. cost only an extra 20 USD.
  • Tipping is not included during your Giza Pyramids Stopover Tour.
  • Tour price is applicable during peak seasons like the Xmas tours in Egypt, New Year, or during Egypt Easter tours.

Start your Giza Pyramids Half-Day Tour from Airport by meeting with Cairo Top Tours accredited Egyptologist guide in the early morning to begin one of our most distinguished Cairo trips. Your tour guide will accompany you to the Giza Plateau, to see the individual monument which remains from the seven man-made wonders of the ancient world, the Great Pyramids of King CheopsPyramid of Kafra or Chephren in the Greek Language, and the smaller Mycerinus Pyramid, your Egypt Day Tours certified tour guide will explain you everything you want to know about the ancient Egyptian history and the religion in the life of ancient Egypt, see the famous Great Sphinx which is a traditional statue in Egypt history and had been imitated and used by the Roman and Greek civilizations, but here, the head of a man expressing the human mind and enlightenment, and the body of a lion pointing to the power and fearlessness.

Continue your Giza Pyramids Stopover Tour to see the Valley Temple of king Chephren, where his body had been mummified, the temple is facing the great sphinx, Camel ride around Giza Pyramids is an optional activity that you can book at the spot, you now have the chance to capture amazing photos to remind you of your best Cairo Stopover Tour during your Tours in Egypt.

Transfer back to your hotel in Cairo or Giza. You can enjoy this Cairo Layover Pyramids Tour from Cairo International Airport through Day Tours from Cairo Airport



1 Person

$135 Per Person

2 - 3 Persons

$90 Per Person

4 - 6 Persons

$75 Per Person

7 - 10 Persons

$65 Per Person

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Let´s have a new experience seeing the Great Giza pyramids, and one of the world´s wonders the half-human half- lion statue the sphinx. Book your tour with us and let´s explore the ancient history stories and see the pharos´ pyramids. Seize the opportunity to be of the first lucky visitors to explore the new discovery of the hidden corridor in the pyramid.

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Let´s have a new memorable tour of the Giza pyramids to watch the world's wonders from thousands of years telling the secrets of ancient Egyptians, Take unforgettable photos with the Sphinx, and you can also find very different shapes of pyramids that contain the pharos ´secrets. In addition, you will see the red stones of the pyramids in Dahshur that make you feel the history surrounding your skin.

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Discover Cairo’s different vibes and perspectives during our tour from the Airport: you can see the Great pyramids of Giza and its wonders, live an unforgettable experience seeing the Sphinx and the Egyptian Museum masterpieces, the unique holy churches, and monuments of Coptic Cairo.

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Book and enjoy the charming atmosphere of Cairo tour from the Airport: see the ancient Egyptian treasures, the Great pyramids, the wondering sphinx statue half lion- half human statue; in addition to visiting the Grand Egyptian museum with one of the largest monuments collection in the world. Note: The Grand museum is not opened yet for usual visits, but you can book your special ticket through our website.

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The duration of the tour can vary, but it's usually around 4 to 6 hours, allowing you to explore the Giza Pyramids complex, take photos, and learn about the historical significance of these ancient wonders.

Reentering and leaving the airport are both options. Whether or not you should depends on a variety of variables, such as whether you are flying internationally or locally and how much time you have in between flights.

This half-day tour to the Giza pyramids from the airport allows you to see the pyramids there.

The duration of the Cairo day tour from the airport can vary depending on the specific tour package you choose. Typically, the duration ranges from 6 to 8 hours, including transportation time to and from the airport.

Even if you don't plan to stay in Cairo, you can still see this amazing place called the Pyramids during a short stop. A special person called a guide will come get you from the airport in Cairo and bring you to the pyramids. When you get there, you can choose to go inside the pyramids or just look at them from the outside.

The duration of a Giza Pyramids Stopover Tour can vary depending on the length of your layover or stopover. Generally, these tours are designed to be flexible and can range from a few hours to a full day. It is advisable to check with tour operators or plan according to your available time.


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