God Shu | Egyptian God of Air

The god Shu was one of the most important deities among the Egyptian gods, he represented the god of the air, his name meant emptiness since it was the space that separated the sky from the earth, besides symbolizing the light, besides this, Shu was considered a calm and good god like the fresh air that came to Egypt.

God Shu 

God Shu was born with his twin sister Tefnut, goddess of humidity, whom he took as his wife, from that union, Nut, the Goddess of the sky was born, who represented the sky full of stars and Geb that symbolized the earth.

This deity was represented as a man with a crown that had an ostrich feather, in one of his hands he carried a scepter, he can also be found with a knee resting on the earth because that way he held heaven with his hands; in its four cardinal points, which were called the pillars of Shu.

In other images of the god Shu he is seen emerging behind the earth, holding a solar disk over his head, and with his hands holding the bases of the disk, he also appeared in the form of a lion, this was his most sacred manifestation.

Egyptian God of Air

This god of air and light was responsible for most of the meteorological phenomena, he represented the rays that came from the god Ra, along with the burning heat of summer and the dry air, in addition to the cold north wind.

Its main occupation was to keep the sky apart which was Nut and the earth represented by Geb, in order to prevent chaos in the universe, this was recorded in the Book of the Dead, leaving Hermopolis as the place where Shu had raised the sky.


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