Goddess Tefnut | Goddess of Humidity and Rain

Tefnut is one of the gods of ancient Egypt and belongs to the sacred Tasus of Heliopolis. And according to the myths of the ancient Egyptians, this ninth found the world of water, earth, and sky, in addition to creation. Tefnut was also called "the Nubian cat" and was sometimes called "the truth". Archaeologists had previously believed that it represented moisture and decided to describe it as a symbol of fire.

Goddess Tefnut 

According to Egyptian mythology, Tefnut originated with his brother Shu, through the bodily fluids of the god Atum, they were the first to populate the earth, from them, were born Nut, goddess of the sky, and Geb who was the god of the earth, who gave rise to the other Egyptian gods.

The deity of humidity has a human form, with the head of a lioness, however, some hieroglyphs represent it as a serpent with the head of a lioness, it has a solar disk on the head, which refers to a direct link with Atum, God of the sun.

Goddess of Humidity and Rain

The representation of a lioness-headed woman is due to an Egyptian legend, which narrates that the goddess had an argument with her husband, Shu the god of the air, and ran away from home. Tefnut took the form of a lioness, to attack anyone who approached, however, Thot the god of wisdom, convinces him to return home.

Tefnut together with Shu left Nut and Geb as descendants, these, in turn, left as descendants the other Egyptian gods, among them Osiris, the Egyptian god of resurrection; Isis, the goddess of the throne and mystery; Seth, the god of the desert and Nephtys, the protective goddess, mother of Anubis, the god of the underworld.


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