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God Atum

  • 05 16, 2023

God Atum

God Atum is one of the nine main deities of the Egyptian city Heliopolis, and one of the most important Egyptian gods in this mythology, this is because he is the creator of the universe, Atum is also known as Atem, Items, Atum-Ra, or Tem.

In Egyptian mythology its origin is described as the emergence of a god who comes from the original ocean, who existed before creation, Atum was the one who would start creation, as he gave life to his two sons Shu and Tefnut, who were the gods of air and humidity respectively.

The ancient Egyptians represented him as a bearded man, wearing a double crown. Atum was the first Egyptian deity to be represented in human form, as it was he who replaced Imy-UAF, a serpent god. After this, Atum begins his work of creation.

When he was represented in his form as the solar god, he wore a ram, phoenix, or mongoose head, on other occasions they represented him in the form of a serpent, which came out of the primordial waters and was renewed every day.

Being also considered a solar god, he was related to God Amun Ra, who was the sun god, Atum represented the evening sun, together with Ra and Khepri formed the triad of solar gods, being Ra the representative of the midday god and Khepri, the goddess of the dawn sun.

His figure of creator god relates him to all the gods since according to mythology, it was he who started the creation of the whole, including the rest of the Egyptian gods,  from their children  Shu and Tefnut were born Geb and Nut,  who are the gods of The earth and the sky.

In turn from the union of  Geb and Nut, the other gods were born that would complete the Heliopolis ennead, among these Isis, Neftis, Osiris, Seth, and Horus.


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God Atum is an important deity in ancient Egyptian mythology, often referred to as the creator god and seen as the first and original god of the universe.


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