Net (Neth) goddess in ancient Egypt

Neith is an Egyptian mythological goddess, but she also exists in other cultures. It is secured as a guardian of household life and the west delta garrison. According to the Pharaonic belief, she is the one who "was first to give birth before anyone else was born, but was never born herself."

Net (Neth) goddess in ancient Egypt

Lady of the west is Net or Neth (there is two way to write her name ) goddess in ancient Egypt Varieties of worship (net) or (neith) by authorizing summarizing the dew lit from which the sun Ra - Lord of the Pharaonic gods - and the origin of the word in ancient Egyptian on the other hand:

the word in the walls (nat) to the walls (nit) which means the verb is woven into this The case can be accepted by the scholars who described her as a goddess of fabric and magnificence in her sacred signs (appearing in the tattoos of the Libyans) and usually depicted above her head (as a symbol of the loom shuttle). 

She is the goddess of war. The goddess (Nate) was a complete human being, but she was carrying a shield with two crossed arrows, and the shield that carries two crossed arrows is the sacred material symbol of the goddess (Neith),

and the ancient Amazigh specialized in adorning them with her tattoos on their arm alone, as it appears from the remains of the Pharaonic antiquities.


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