6-Days honeymoon trip to Siwa Oasis from Cairo

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Honeymoon trip to Siwa Oasis from Cairo

Your 6-days honeymoon trip to Siwa Oasis from Cairo will be one of the most romantic and memorable experiences of your life with our Egypt honeymoon tours. From the majestic views of the Great Pyramids of Giza to the unique Siwan culture, you will be able to take in some of the most fascinating sights and sounds of Egypt, you can try it with our Cairo day tours. So, why wait? Book your honeymoon trip to Siwa Oasis from Cairo now and make your dreams come true!through our Egypt desert safari tours

The 6-day honeymoon trip to Siwa Oasis from Cairo is a magical experience that you and your partner will never forget. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your Egypt travel packages now!

Now you can see our Egypt day tours and get in touch with us! Egypt is a great country with old buildings and beautiful landscapes like The Ramesseum In Luxor. Many people visit to see the old ruins and learn about Egypt's history.

In Egypt, there is a special museum called Tomb Of Tutankhamun. It's like a magical place that can transport you back in time. In this museum, you can learn all about how people used to live a very long time ago. It's super cool because you can read about them and uncover the hidden things they left behind. They lived in a different way than we do now, and it's really mind-blowing to see and learn about how they lived.


Cairo-based pick-up and drop-off service

English-speaking private tour guide Egyptologist

Entry charge to each of the places mentioned

Meals begin with lunch on the first day and conclude with lunch (last day)

From leaving Cairo till you return, all beverages

Every transport is made in a private, air-conditioned car.

Wonderful safari adventure in a 4x4 vehicle.

Bedouin meal served in a tented setting 3 days in a hotel in Siwa

3 days in Cairo accommodation hotel


Any Private Expenses


Before starting his journey to Siwa, the visitor will first meet his tour guide. Next, you'll start your journey in the coziest air-conditioned minivan to Siwa, which is located around 600 kilometers northwest of Cairo, the Egyptian capital. On our approach to our lunch break at a neighboring restaurant, we pass through Marsa Matruoh, which has one of Egypt's loveliest beaches.

Arrive in Siwa, check in, and stay the night there to be ready for the breathtaking vistas you're anticipating the next day.

After breakfast, we head to the Cleopatra Bath, the most well-known natural water spring in the area, to start our tour of Siwa. Here, we may have a soak in the spectacular natural bath. There is no explanation as to why this water spring was given the name Queen Cleopatra, and there is no connection between the two. The second stop of the day will be the temple of the Oracle of Amun, the most famous and historic building in Siwa. This temple housed one of the most well-known oracles in antiquity. Alexander the Great visited this temple in 331 BC to obtain recognised as the King of Egypt.

We go to the mountain of the dead, or Gabal Mawta as the locals call it in Arabic, where a great deal of rock-cut tombs is discovered that date from the Greco-Roman era to the 26th Pharaonic dynasty. There are numerous noteworthy tombs to view there, including the third-century BC tomb of Si-Amun and the 26th-dynasty priest's tomb of Mesu-Isis.
Relax in Siwa's hotel for the evening.

-Following a hearty breakfast, we departed on a trip to the Great Sand Sea in Egypt's Western Desert, which is situated in the biggest desert on the continent. Enjoy the majesty of the Sahara, the endless sand dunes, and the splendor of one of Egypt's most unique locations.

Having passed Dakrour Mountain, we will now engage in sandboarding, which offers us the thrill of sliding down sand dunes as opposed to snow. After a day of skiing, relaxing in the Bir Wahid hot spring is ideal.
-Spend the night at the hotel in Siwa

We check out of the hotel and take a private, air-conditioned minivan to Cairo after a sumptuous breakfast. Then check into your hotel in Cairo, unwind, and stay the night.

After your hotel breakfast, a representative from our organisation will meet you in the lobby to assist you with your Cairo day trips. Your adventure will begin with an exhilarating visit to the Giza Pyramids, where you'll be astounded by the splendour of these enormous structures that were built by the greatest kings and rulers of ancient Egypt during the old monarchy.

Visit the Great Pyramid of Cheops, whose ambitious endeavours inspired him to build a sizable burial tomb, and King Snefru, who founded the 4th dynasty and possessed two sizable pyramids at Dahshur. After that, head to the high plateau for a beautiful view of the three pyramids, including the Chephren pyramids.

It is now possible to visit the Great Sphinx at Giza, a statue of a man with a lion's body that is said to have been constructed for King Chephren himself because it is located within his funerary complex, after having the option to ride a camel on the plateau around the Giza Pyramids. Next, enter the Valley Temple, where the ruler was first mummified and then interred.

Visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo to see the biggest collection of Egyptian artefacts in the whole world once your 2-hour tour is finished.

Enjoy lunch at a great restaurant before being transported to Cairo's best walking tours and a close-up look at the locals in the Islamic Khan El Khalili neighbourhood. You will be driven back to your hotel for the evening once your Cairo City Tour is over.

We really hope you liked our Egypt Day Tours as your trip to Egypt draws to a close today. For your return trip, you will be taken to the Cairo International Airport.

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Siwa is home to the Berber people. You will visit many places in Siwa and take many photos. You will visit Shali Fortress, Natural Springs and Salt Lakes, Oracle of Amun, etc... All these sites make your tour unforgettable.

What good things can Siwa Oasis bring to people?

There are lots of salt lakes in Siwa and people believe they can help make you feel better. One of the most famous is called "Al-Tibtah," and it has a lot of salt in it. This special lake can help with problems like stuffy noses, skin issues, and eye troubles. It can also make you feel relaxed and it looks really pretty too.

Cairo is a city that has some really cool things! It has a special place called the Giza Pyramids Complex, which is home to one of the most amazing buildings in the world, the Great Pyramid of King Khufu. There's also a huge statue called the Sphinx and a special building where ancient Egyptians used to prepare mummies called the Valley temple.

There is a tall tower in Cairo called the El Gizera Tower. It has 16 floors and is built on a big base made of a special type of rock called Aswan granite. This rock was used by ancient Egyptians to build amazing temples and buildings. The tower was made by a person named Naoum Shebib in 1961.


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