The Story of Isis and Osiris | The Osiris Myth

Isis and Osiris, the ancient myth of pharaonic love that was more than a thousand years before the stories of Qais and Lily or Romeo and Juliet, that mythical sacrificial love that made Isis and Osiris the most beloved gods of the ancient Egyptians and made the god Six hated for doing evil and trying to kill his brother.

The Osiris Myth 
Osiris assumed the rule of the land and presented it to the people from the righteous; which made him an example of good and taught people to plant, and he planned for their villages and cities, and he legislated laws and rulings for them, and people loved him, so his brother hated him "Seth", and asked him himself to kill his brother.

The Story of Isis and Osiris

He prepared set plans, to kill his brother Osiris, where he held a big party called by Osiris, then he told Seth's guests that he prepared a surprise for them, which is a gift sarcophagus, a gift from gold that would be the share of those who come identical to his size, and the successive guests were lying in the coffin until the turn of Osiris (which was prepared for him).

The coffin, in particular, took the coffin at its bed. Seth and his followers took the initiative to tighten the lid on the sarcophagus and inside it Osiris, then they carried it and threw it in the Nile River, so the river dredged it to the Mediterranean, which was carried by its waves to Phenicia (Lebanon now), then the waves threw it to the coast of Thaghr Jbeil and it soon became A huge tree planted on the coffin hidden it from the eyes

Isis was searching for her husband until God guided her to the city of Jbeil and found the coffin, and she remained there until she managed to escape the body of her husband, and she returned to Egypt, and in Egypt, Isis emptied the corpse in a remote location of the Delta swamps and started crying and praying to God to return life to her husband Osiris, and God answered her, and Isis set out with shouts of joy there and set who happened to be hunting near them soon heard her, as soon as he heard the sound until he rushed toward them, so if he finds his brother alive, then he will revolt, and tear his body Osiris, and throw every part of it in the regions of Egypt Forty-two

The ancient Egyptians believed that "Osiris" is the force that provides them with life and gives them sustenance in this world, and that it is the black earth from which green life emerges, and they drew the ears of love sprouting from his body, symbolizing the renewed life with a green tree. Each year, they held a large party in which they installed a tree, planted and decorated it with ornaments, and covered it with green leaves, as people do today with the Christmas tree.
The Babylonians named this tree a tree of life, and they believed that it bore the leaves of age on the head each year. Whoever turns his paper green lives are written for him throughout the year, and whoever withers his paper withers and authorizes the fall is dead one day. This custom went from east to west, so they celebrated the tree at Christmas and chose it from trees that kept green throughout the year, such as cypress and pine.

When Horus grew up, the supporters gathered around him to take revenge for his father, and to claim his throne, so the country was divided into two parties, and God was willing to win the truth and the good.

Thanks to classic works of a book such as Plutarch, the myth was preserved even after the middle of the first millennium A.D when the ancient Egyptian religion and writing system that was originally used to record the legend disappeared. The legend remained part of the Western impression of ancient Egypt. And in recent times, when Egyptian beliefs were understood by Egyptian sources, the myth continued to influence and inspire new ideas, from fictional works and scientific speculation to new religious movements.

The Gods of ancient Egypt were very just like people according to ancient Egyptians they had feelings, they felt jealous and fought, they took revenge, killed, and also died during an amazing myth full of joyful, action, and dramatic events that inspired modern movie directors and producers to create world-famous movies about the grandeur of the Pharaohs and the Gods they worshipped.


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