The Fifteenth Dynasty in Ancient Egypt

The 15th Dynasty, the first Huxusian family in Egypt, ruled from Ejtawai without controlling Egypt but preferred to remain in northeastern Egypt soon from where they infiltrated Egypt.

The Fifteenth Dynasty in Ancient Egypt

The fifteenth Egyptian Dynasty is the first Huxus family in Egypt. The Hyksos invaded Egypt. The Hyksos occupied Egypt at the end of the rule of the kings of the Fourteenth Dynasty.

The princes of the south were sending them a tribute. The Hyksos stayed in northern Egypt for about a century and a half of time and some historians said that they continued to rule for 400 years until they were expelled by the rulers of the south who were able to establish a strong army, fight them, expel them, and destroy everything related to them.

Until their memory is erased from their souls and no memory or history is left for them, then the names of their kings cannot be arranged in a certain historical order, so we mention the following names of 23 kings during the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Dynasty from 1710 to 1680 B.C:

(Auser Ra, Neb Khubash Ra, Aqen Ra, Sukman, Hur Hur, Khian, Aqen, Sharek, Abi) and eight kings called themselves the Good God, six kings called themselves the title of Ibn Al-Shams
The rule of these kings continued for about 150 years, and the presence of the Hyksos helped make the people of Egypt for the first time in its history a fighting and victorious people in order to drive out the invaders. And as a result of that, this military force crossed its borders, subjugating the neighboring countries and creating an empire.

Salets - Shishi - Khian - Abu Vis (1585 - 1542) - Khamoudi
(1542 - 1532).


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