The Thirteenth Dynasty of the History of Ancient Egypt

The Egyptian Thirteenth Dynasty is the first family in its era that began the Hyksos invasion of Egypt, and it shares with the Eleventh Dynasty, Twelfth Dynasty, and Fourteenth Dynasty to all be in the Middle Kingdom. The reign of this family began in the period (1790 BC - 1649 BC).

Thirteenth Egyptian Dynasty (1790 BC - 1649 BC)

It is the first family in the era of the invasion of the Hyksos to Egypt, and it participates with the eleventh Dynasty, the twelfth family, and the fourteenth Dynasty to be all in the era of the middle state. The reign of this family began in the period (1790 BC - 1649 BC)

In the middle of the seventeenth century BC, the situation in Egypt lacked security. It is believed that eastern and Lower Egypt was under the direct control of the Uri rulers, and they are of the fifteenth Hexus family, which the Canaanite rulers called "Hexus", then the sixteenth Dynasty. At the same time, this area was under the indirect control of the Fourteenth Dynasty.

It is possible that even the rulers of Upper Egypt, who were in the late thirteenth and early seventeenth dynasties, were subordinate to the rulers of Lower Egypt, “the Hyksos” (the fifteenth dynasty), and then they made a stick of obedience to them.

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