King Hor-Aha | Dynasty 1 | Horus Aha King

His name means "Horus the Fighter" and he is also known as the "Fighting Hawk" and simply by the name Aha. And he is believed to be the founder of the first family and therefore also the founder of the city of Enab-Hadj (Memphis). The Egyptian historian Manton mentioned that King Hor-Aha ruled for about 62 years.

King Hor-Aha | Horus Aha King

Aha ( 3100 B.C ), Horus name (Hor-Aha), was an Egyptian pharaoh, belonging to the 1st dynasty. The name Aha appears in the Palermo Stone as a unifier of Egypt. This fact, combined with the discovery of an ivory tablet where, together with the name Aha, the hieroglyph mn (referring to King Menes) is reported, has led some scholars to assume that (Narmer - Menes - Aha) are names of the same ruler.

An ebony tablet found in Abydos commemorates a campaign against the Nubians. The extension of the southern border to the region of Elephantine may be due to him. In other inscriptions, his name is accompanied by Receiving Upper and Lower Egypt, and therefore it is likely that Aha worked to strengthen the work of Narmer, his predecessor.

His father was King Narmer and his mother was Queen Neithhotep. The marriage between his parents was originally a political union. Neithhotep was a princess of Lower Egypt and Narmer was a king of Upper Egypt. The marriage surely provided the primary unification of Upper and Lower Egypt. The unification of Egypt was not completed until the end of the second dynasty. He is believed to have built a Mastaba Tomb in honor of his mother Queen Neithhotep at Naqada, near Thinis.

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