King Djedkare | 5th Dynasty of Egypt History

King Djedkare is the eighth pharaoh of the kings of the fifth dynasty. He ascended the throne of Egypt from 2414 to 2375 BC, and his rule lasted almost 28 years. He did not build a solar temple like the kings of the Fifth Dynasty who preceded him, but he did build his pyramid in the area of "Saqqara".

King Djedkare

The two discoverers of the pyramid of Djedkara Izozi died unfortunately prematurely without leaving any record of their work. It is probable that the numerous papyrus fragments that arrived in Europe in 1893, scattered throughout the various museums, came from the area they explored.

These documents all bear the date of the reign of Izozi but refer to the administration of the funeral possessions of a previous king, Neferirkara Kakai.

Among other things, the daily payments made to the high priests or "prophets" and to the attendants of the solar temple, the transfer of income to the assets of the pyramid of Kakai, and the offerings made to the statues of him and the queen mother, Khantkawes, are recorded. The scarcity of documents from this period makes them of the utmost importance, but a long and careful examination is needed to decipher their difficult writing and establish their exact content.

Like his predecessor Menkauhor, Izozi did not erect a Solar Temple and this leads us to believe that after Niuserra important changes occurred in solar theology or, in any case, in the religious policy of the dynasty.


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