Abusir Pyramids | The city of Abusir

The city of Abusir, several kilometers south of Saqqara, is a funerary complex dedicated to God Osiris, one of the most famous gods of ancient Egypt.

Abu Sir pyramids:
The ancient Abusir region is located in the south of Giza and north of Saqqara, about 4.5 kilometers. The name Abu Seir was derived from the ancient Egyptian name (Bir Ozir) which means the seat of the God Osiris. The Abusir region includes the tombs of the Fifth Dynasty kings, including the pyramid of King Sahure, the pyramid of King Nefer-Air-Ka-Ra (Kakai) and the pyramid of King Nefer-F-Ra, and the pyramid of King Nai-User-Ra, in addition to the temples of the sun, which includes the Temple of the Sun King Osorkaf and the Temple of the Sun to King Ni-War-Re, in addition to the Sun Temple of King Sahure, which is located approximately 7 and 1 km north of Abusir.

It is worth noting that these pyramids were almost completely destroyed as the steel pyramids were built of mud bricks, while the temples are still standing because of the construction of stones.

There are many pyramids in the Abu Sir region for the pharaohs of the Fifth Dynasty. This region is located south of Giza and north of Fayoum on the west bank of the Nile. The kings of the Fifth Dynasty chose that area where the Giza Plateau was crowded with giant pyramids built by the pharaohs of Egypt during the Fourth Dynasty.
 Among the pyramids of Abi Sir: the pyramid of Sahure, the pyramid of Niser Ra, and the pyramid of Neferikra.

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