King Shepseskaf | Last King of the Fourth Dynasty

Last king of the IV dynasty. Shepskaf assumed the government of Egypt after his father. He ruled for more than four years during which he built a tomb in the south of Saqqara in the form of a rectangular coffin known as the "Pharaoh's Mastaba". and his covenant was distinguished by the increased influence of the priests of the sun, thus contradicting the custom of his ancestors to build a pyramid for him. The association with the cult of the sun is a violation of the priests and their influence.

King Shepseskaf

The third pyramid was hastily completed and furnished inside by Shepseskaf, the only other king of the fourth dynasty recognized legitimately by contemporaries and by the Table of Abido, although the royal list of Saqqara adds three more whose names have been lost making it impossible for the comparison with those given by Maneth.

That something serious happened around this time can be deduced from the fact that Shepseskaf chose the area south of Saqqara for his last home and had a pyramid built, but a tomb that, apart from the inclined walls, has the typical shape of the sarcophagi of that period with a sloping roof and vertical terminations. This tomb is called by the locals Mastabat el-Faran.

The fact can be considered proof that Shepseskaf was not of royal lineage, but had acquired the right to the throne by marrying Micerino's daughter, Khantkawes.

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