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  • Atlas Studios

    Atlas Studios

    Atlas Studios, also known as Film City, is a well-known film studio in Morocco. It has been used as a filming location for many international movies and TV shows.

  • Rabat


    Rabat is the capital city of Morocco, located on the country's Atlantic coastline. It is situated across the Bouregreg River from the city of Salé and forms the Rabat-Salé urban area. With a rich history dating back to the Roman era, Rabat is known for its blend of modernity and traditional Moroccan architecture.

  • Erfoud


    Erfoud is a city located in eastern Morocco, known as the gateway to the Sahara Desert. It is a popular destination for travelers seeking to explore the stunning desert landscapes and experience the unique culture and hospitality of the region. Erfoud offers opportunities for camel trekking, visits to the nearby Merzouga Dunes, and exploring the local markets and traditional crafts.

  • Merzouga Dunes

    Merzouga Dunes

    The Erg Chebbi Dunes, also known as the Merzouga Dunes, are a stunning natural wonder located in southeastern Morocco. These majestic dunes stretch as far as the eye can see, with some reaching heights of up to 150 meters. The Erg Chebbi Dunes are a popular destination for travelers looking to experience the beauty of the Sahara Desert.

  • Khenifiss National Park

    Khenifiss National Park

    Explore the beauty of Morocco's natural reserve at Khenifiss National Park. Located in the southwestern part of the country, this park is home to diverse wildlife and stunning landscapes. Visitors can enjoy hiking, birdwatching, and exploring the unique ecosystems found in the park.

  • Ouzoud Waterfalls

    Ouzoud Waterfalls

    The Ouzoud Waterfalls, located in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, are a stunning natural wonder and a popular tourist destination. The falls cascade over a series of rocky cliffs, creating a breathtaking sight and a refreshing mist in the air. Visitors can hike down to the base of the falls, passing by olive groves and encountering local Barbary macaque monkeys along the way.

King Ahmose I

  • 05 16, 2023

Who is Ahmose I

Ahmose I, also known as Amosis or Aahmes, which means "Iah (the Moon)," was an Egyptian pharaoh and the first dynasty to establish the Eighteenth Dynasty. This period is considered to be the first of the New Kingdom of Egypt, during which time ancient Egypt reached its zenith of power.

Ahmose I is classified as the first dynasty of the new kingdom of Egypt he was a member of the royal house, he is the son of pharaoh Seqenenre Tao, and the nephew of the last pharaoh of the seventeenth dynasty, Kamose. During the reign of his father or grandfather, Thebes rebelled against the Hyksos. When he was seven years old, his father was killed, and he was about ten when his brother died of unknown causes after reigning for only three years. I advise you to head to Luxor which is included in our Egypt tours to discover the best works of Ahmose I in Karnak temple. He assumed the throne after the death of his brother, during his reign, Ahmose completed the conquest and expulsion of the Hyksos from the Nile Delta, invaded Palestine, and re-exerted Egypt's hegemony over northern Nubia, to the south.

How did Ahmose come to power?

Ahmose gained the throne by marrying Ahmose-Nefertari and named his wife the 'heiress' and 'the god's wife'. If you are a historical person and love Egyptian mythology stories, book our Egypt day tours to Luxor, there is a huge amount of knowledge about Egyptian pharaohs.  The god, in his wife's title, referred to Amun, the hidden one. Being the wife of a hidden god meant the power to control all the temples in Egypt because the god himself was not around.

What did Ahmose construct?

The pyramid of Ahmose was built not as a tomb, but as a cenotaph for pharaoh Ahmose I. It was the only royal pyramid built in this area that you will discover during your Egypt travel packages. Today only a pile of rubble remains, reaching a height of about 10 m. The pyramid was constructed from sand and rubble and only the usual limestone casing kept the building in the shape, It had a base length of 52.5 m (172 ft) and was about 40 m (130 ft) high. The inclination of the sides was 60°. If you want to discover more about Ahmose construction visit Luxor and Aswan that are included in our Egypt Luxury tours. There you will find many historical places that tell about the power of Ahmose.  

When and why did Ahmose I build an army in Egypt?

Immediately after seizing the throne, he increased the use of a standing army to bring back tribute and increase the wealth of Egypt. Further, he established Thebes as a second capital in the south, beside Memphis in the north

If you decide to take an Egypt classic tours you will discover a lot such as, He also gave great importance to women of ancient Egypt, starting with his mother and grandmother. During his rule, women in Egypt had a much higher position than in other empires.

but if you want to visit and enjoy Tourism in Egypt the tomb of Ahmose is among the famous places in Egypt Easter tours that you can enjoy and take many photos that will be memories for you.

You can find the tomb of Ahmose in Deir el-Bahari which is included in our Luxor day tours, the tomb of Ahmose is famous because it contains an autobiography which is the only historical source dealing with the expulsion of the Hyksos. If you decide to visit Ahmose temple, you can use your time in Luxor and take a Luxor East and West Banks day tour to visit many attractions such as Luxor temple, the valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut temple, and more.

The tomb of Ahmes is famous because The Tomb of Ahmos consists of a cruciform layout that begins with an outer court once surrounded by an outer wall. This court leads through a doorway to a small entrance hall which in turn leads to the corridor-shaped chapel from another doorway. It leads to the transverse hall which contains two burial shafts. This hall leads to the shrine which contains a rock-cut statue of the tomb's owner. The reliefs in the tomb were finely worked and painted.

Of course, if you want to go and visit the temple of Deir el-Bahari, you will find many things to see besides King Ahmose, such as the temple of Hatshepsut and many of the things there that will be very interesting for you and your family, and you can take pictures that will be memorial for you during your Egypt budget tours.

Also, we can take you on Egypt family tours for the most wonderful luxury vacation in Egypt, the Giza Pyramids that were built by the most powerful kings and rulers of ancient Egypt in addition to sailing from Luxor to Aswan aboard one of our best Egypt Nile cruise tours.

Egypt shore excursions in which you will live the best day of your life, you will never forget it, and you will enjoy the time that is left over in your vacation.

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You can take a trip from Cairo to Luxor to explore temples such as; the Temple of Luxor and the Temple of Karnak. On the other hand, after the Luxor trip, you will go to Aswan to see the High Dam and the Valley of the Kings.


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