Winter Palace Hotel in Luxor

The Winter Palace Hotel is situated on the banks of the Nile River in Luxor, Egypt. It is also known as Sofitel Winter Palace Luxor.

Sofitel Winter Palace Luxor

Winter palace hotel in Luxor known as Sofitel winter palace hotel it is a 5 stars luxury resort hotel located on the banks of the River Nile in Luxor, just south of Luxor temple, the hotel was inaugurated on Saturday, January 1907 built construction by the Italian company the History of the hotel: is a historic British colonial and during The World War I the Hotel provisionally became for the war soldiers and closed for the guests and employees after the war finished the hotel came back used again.

Luxor Temple

Luxor Temple


winter palace Luxor history

the main purpose of the building is for European travelers  ( people who brought fame to the hotel ) a lot of major people known to the world were in the winter palace hotel like Howard Carter the  Egyptologist archeologist who discovered the treasures of King TUT ANKH AMUN, Agatha Christie wrote her famous novel Death on the Nile during staying in the hotel, and also  King of the Belgians Albert I and his wife Elisabeth Queen of the Belgians, stayed many times at the Winter Palace. the renowned collector of Egyptian antiquities George Herbert, and Violaine Vanoyeke wrote many books while staying at the hotel.

About Hotel:

The Winter Palace has 5 restaurants. which serves French meals, is named after the hotel that inaccurately announce that it was founded. which serves French meals, is named after the hotel inaccurately announce that it was founded. The Bougainvilliers (international cuisine) are in the Pavilion wing, while the Palmetto (Italian cuisine and snacks) and the El Tarboush (Egyptian cuisine) are in the garden close to the swimming pool. It and the la Corniche Restaurant (international cuisine) are both located in the historic Palace wing.  The hotel is owned by the Egyptian General Company for Tourism & Hotels ("EGOTH") of Egypt. The Hotel is featured on. The Hotel is featured on t
he exclusive Palace Hotels of the World.

Around Luxor, you Can see a lot of magnificent sites I will pick Tutankhamun's Tomb the one with a long history of greatness and unbelievable things One of the great ironies in history is that the young king, Tutankhamun, had his name erased from the history of ancient Egypt because he was associated with King Akhenaten, who was not very popular with the kings of ancient Egypt.

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