Deir al muharraq monastery

The Monastery of the Virgin "Deir Al Muharraq" in Assiut Governorate is considered one of the most important Christian monasteries and shrines and Egyptian Coptic monuments. The Holy Family came to it during their flight from Palestine to hide from the oppression of King Herod, who sought to kill Jesus, and among the most outstanding information about the monastery:

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 Deir el-Muharraq is the oldest monastery in the is a famous and historical located in Northern Nile Valley northwest of  Assiut upper Egypt the monastery is a place of pilgrimage, refuge, and vows. The monastery founded by the holy family in Egypt is back to the 4th century and follow the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria the monks believe that Mary and Jesus lived in the cave on this site for six months and 10 days after fleeing from Herod. And it is the long time they stay on their traveled into Egypt. the Church of Al Azraq sits over the cave, it is the oldest Christian church. Monastic life here since the 4th century.

The church contains two iconostases, the one on the left of the altar came from an Ethiopian Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul .the Ethiopians are displayed in the hall outside the church. in outside the church a 7th-century tower, rebuilt in the 12th and 20th centuries.  can reach drawbridge it's by four floors. Can serve as a mini-monastery, Saint Michael has a small Church, refectory, accommodation, and even burial space behind the altar.

 The Church of St George, built-in 1880 by the Ottoman sultan, is decorated with paintings of the 12 apostles and other religious scenes, icons are made from marble, and a lot of icons made of  Byzantine style. one of the icons showing the Virgin and Child was painted by St Luke. 21–28 June it is a time when non-pilgrim visitors may not be admitted. Thousands of pilgrims attend the monastery’s annual feast.

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