Cemetery of Bagawat in Kharga Oasis

Al-Bagwat, a group of ancient tombs located in the city of Kharga. The word is the pronunciation of the people of the valley for the word "vault" and this is an indication that all the tombs in the cemetery are crowned by domes. Its great significance is that it dates back to the early Christian era when the Copts of Egypt fled their religion for fear of Roman persecution of Christianity and settled in the desert away from the hands of the Roman emperors.

Cemetery of Bagawat in Farafra Oasis

The Bagawat is a Christian necropolis dating back to the period from the second century A.D. The structure of most of them is decorated from the outside.

There are these tombs that have resisted the factors of time and have tens of thousands of writings in Greek, Latin, and Coptic languages. There are several monuments such as The Shrine of Peace, the Shrine of Exodus, and the Church, and it is called the "Shrine of Peace" with this name because of the presence of the symbol of peace depicted in the dome of the shrine. Exodus, "in which he depicts the story of the children of Israel leaving Egypt, and Pharaoh follows them with his soldiers.

The cemeteries contain the ruins of a church, which is the second oldest church in Egypt, and is located in an archaeological area where it is bordered to the north by the Temple of Hibs and to the east by Jabal al-Tair and the Temple of Nadurah, in addition to other monuments surrounding it, and is a tourist attraction of the first degree, especially in the holiday of Sham al-Naseem, where Hundreds of oasis families visit it, which is 650 km away from Cairo, and it is subject to continuous development and restoration work to preserve it.


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