Paris Oasis Overnight Tour from Luxor

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Paris Oasis Overnight Tour from Luxor

One of the stunning oases in the New Valley Governorate, Paris Oasis (or Baris), is around 90 kilometers away from El Kharga Oasis and it is the most beautiful trip on Egypt Desert Safari tour packages. The Roman Temple of Dush, which was the center of worship for the Serapis god, in addition to the mud-brick citadel and some wonderful remnants of Coptic and Islamic architecture, is the most significant site to see in that region. Dates are the most significant agricultural crop in the city and the oasis' major source of economic resources.

through the Paris Oasis Overnight Tour from Luxor, tourists live not only from archaeological tourism but also from medical tourism because there are several sulfur and mineral springs, famous for their excellent chemical compounds and their healing properties for certain diseases such as rheumatism and allergies, which attract tourists, especially from Europe, in addition to agriculture.

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Transportation to a Paris oasis in a modern, air-conditioned luxury vehicle.

Pick up and drop off from & return to your hotel in Luxor 

professional English-speaking guide.

Entrance fees to our tour sites.

Bottled water during your trip.

Camping in the White Desert for 1 night on a full board basis.

All the transports inside Paris Oasis and the White Desert are done by 4×4 jeep.

  • Tipping

  • any extras and personal spending

  • drinks during the meals

our tour leader will pick you up from your hotel in Luxor and we will arrive at Paris oasis by modern, air-conditioned luxury vehicle, which is located about 90km away from El Kharga Oasis, This journey takes about 4 hours, when we arrive at Paris oasis then you meet your Safari guide and you will take your 4x4 Jeep and Start your adventure. then you will have lunch and enjoy the panoramic view of the vast desert and the view of Palm trees, fruits, and groundwater wells. Also, you will camp and enjoy the stars and the moon view with your dinner 




 in the morning after breakfast, we will visit the temple of Isis in Dosh, known as the Temple of Dosh in the Roman era which is located at Darb El Arbein, and next to it there is an old Turkish brick castle and an old Coptic church. finally, we will return you to your hotel in Luxor

if you want to visit Paris oasis, hurry up to book your trip and contact us.

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You should visit Paris Oasis, which is one of the most beautiful places in Egypt. Enjoy panoramic views of the desert, palm trees, fruits, and groundwater wells, and camping under the stars and moonlight. You will be impressed with the sense of fun and excitement that safari trips in Egypt will provide you

To protect oneself from the sun, dress loosely, comfortably, and wear a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Closed-toed shoes or comfy sandals are also advised. Remember to carry a scarf or shawl to protect your face from the sand.

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