Sham El-Nessim | Easter in Egypt

Sham Ennessim is associated Egyptian national pageant marking the start of spring because it originates from the traditional Egyptian Shemu pageant. Sham Ennessim continually falls on Easter Monday, that is that the day when Easter, in accordance with the Coptic Orthodox

A common thought in Egypt around the spring holidays is that Sham El Nessim and Easter area unit identical things which they’re simply Arabic and English names of identical occasions. however sorry to interrupt you, but just in case you continue to don’t understand, they’re fully completely different holidays that happen to come back around the same time. 

Sham El-Nessim is well known by Egyptians of all religions because it relies on a spring competition that predates each Christianity and Islam.

Sham El-Nessim is often dated back to ancient Egypt to a minimum of 2700 BCE (the third kinsfolk of the old Kingdom) and may be a competition that celebrates the arrival of Spring. The ever-changing seasons and especially the impact on the river would are vital events within the lifetime of all Egyptians. Therefore the shut and beginning of prosperous agricultural seasons would be a vital celebration.

Sham El-Nessim, interprets from Arabic as 'smelling the breeze', although this can be a pleasant sound-alike coincidence because the name of the competition comes from the Egyptian name for the harvest season - 'Shamo' which means renewal of life.


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