Farafra Oasis

Farafra Oasis in Egypt | The Egyptian Western Desert


The Farafra is known by Ta-Iht or the Land of the Cow in the Pharaonic era. It is located northeast of the Dakhla, where the ruins of Kasr El Farafra, Kasr Abu Monkar and also the cemetery of El Bagawat that goes 350 kilometers west of Cairo, the desert and surrounded by a limestone cliff. It has a population of 20 thousand people, It is also one of the most spectacular and important destinations for tourists visiting Egypt.

The abundant rain has created this oasis and as a result, has attracted many people to live and stay there. It was also the connection between the Libyan desert and the Egyptian desert. The Ora de Farafra is considered the transit point between the caravans and is known as the land of conquest because of its remoteness.

The most isolated and with less population of the oases is in a very peaceful place. It is inhabited by Bedouins, very religious and attached to family traditions. The majority of the population of Farafra Oasis is built around a ruined fortress where villagers took refuge from the attacks. Although adobe houses remain, cement constructions are increasingly frequent due to government efforts to attract people to the area. The city museum exhibits sculptures by a local artist, Badr.

The Farafa oasis contains numerous natural water wells. There are more than 100 water wells in the Farafra Oasis. Most of these wells work to irrigate the cultivated land in this oasis. Water wells are famous for their warm temperature and the percentage of sulfur are wonderful places to relax and swim.