Egypt Deserts Safari tour from Cairo

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Egypt Deserts Safari tour from Cairo

Most tourists from all over the world come to Egypt to see its deserts as Egypt has the eastern desert and the western desert but with this tour, you will visit the Oasis of the Western Desert.

Depart from Cairo and travel to Bahariya Oasis, located in the Western Desert. Explore the oasis, known for its lush date palms and hot springs. Visit the Temple of Ain El Muftella and the Golden Mummies Museum. Experience a desert safari, exploring the White Desert with its surreal limestone formations. Camp under the stars in the White Desert for a unique and tranquil experience.

Continue the journey with Cairo top Tours to Farafra Oasis, another charming oasis in the Western Desert. Visit the Badr Museum and the Farafra Museum to learn about the local culture. Explore the White Desert National Park, famous for its chalky rock formations. Experience the magic of the Crystal Mountain and the Black Desert.



  • pick-up and drop-off service by an expert tour leader.
  • a professional tour guide will accompany you during your tour from Cairo top tours
  • transfers by private AC vehicle during your Egypt travel package.
  • accommodation for 3 nights in Cairo Pyramids Hotel.
  • 1-night accommodation in the Baharyia oasis hotel.
  • overnight camping in the white desert.
  • overnight at the Farafra hotel.
  • bottle of water during your Egypt day tours.
  • all taxes and charges are included.
  • entrance fees to the mentioned sites.
  • international flights
  • tipping
  • entry visa.

On the arrival day, you will meet our tour leader at the airport to take you by an AC vehicle from the airport to the hotel to have a chilling night to start the journey on the second day.

Day meals: Breakfast.

on the second day of your tour, you will be taken from the morning after having your breakfast to travel by an AC car to the Baharyia oasis and once when you reach there you will be taken to visit.

the Museum of Golden Mummies:

The Valley of the Golden Mummies, which was discovered in 1996 AD in Bahariya Oasis, with an area of ​​36 km2, is the largest cemetery in Egypt dating back to the Greco-Roman era. About 250 mummies, most of them belonged to an aristocracy who lived in Bahariya Oasis during the Greco-Roman era.

Black Desert:

A little far from the north of the White Desert, there is another desert called the "Black Desert" and it follows the Bahariya Oasis. It was named by this name because a layer of black powder covers this desert, its rocks, and its mountains.

you will be having your lunch during your visits.

then you will be taken to have an overnight in the hotel.

Day meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

On the third day of your tour, you will be having your breakfast at the hotel then you will be taken to visit the most visited desert.

 White Desert:

The White Desert calcifications were formed 80 million years ago, and their calcifications are of unique types called karst, which is a very old geological phenomenon. Over time, these calcifications formed caves on them, which in turn turned into crystals due to erosion factors.

then you will have your overnight camping in the white desert under the stars and the beautiful skies with a unique kind of dinner.

Day meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

on day four you will be taken by the AC vehicle to the last oasis in the western desert the Farafra Oasis after having your breakfast, then you will start your visits.

Badr Museum:

The Badr Museum in Farafra Oasis is unique in terms of the environmental materials that his paintings are famous for, which express nature and the actual reality of daily life.

Well No. 6

Well No. 6 is one of the wells that turned into hot water and is used in medical tourism as it is rich in minerals useful to the human bodyز

then when you are done you will be taken to have a relaxing overnight at the Farafra hotel.

Day meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

On day number 5 have your breakfast at the hotel then you will be taken to travel back to Cairo to start your next adventure in the Capital of Egypt.

Day meals: breakfast.


On the sixth day of your tour, you will be taken after you have your breakfast, to start the visits with the first spot.

Giza pyramids:

The Egyptian Pyramids of Giza are ancient buildings that historians consider miraculous from an engineering point of view due to their complex and meticulous design compared to traditional building techniques at the time they were built nearly 4,500 years ago.

old Cairo:

The most wonderful landmarks of the ancient Egypt region, include the three monotheistic religions, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, as it includes the Amr Ibn Al-Aas Mosque, which is the first mosque in Egypt and Africa and the fourth mosque built in Islam, and also includes the Church of the Virgin Mary known as the Hanging Church and a number of churches, And the Coptic Museum, to complete Egypt's religious destination

you will be served your breakfast during your visit then you will be taken back to your hotel in Cairo.

Day meals: breakfast, lunch.

on the last day of your tour, you will have your breakfast then you will be taken by private car to the airport where will be our end of service.

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