Dolphin House Marsa Allam

The city is located on an area of ​​38,433 square km, 274 km south of Hurghada, and 134 km south of El Quseir, and its altitude ranges from 60 meters above sea level. It is inhabited by about 11,497 residents, most of whom are from the “Ababda” and “Al-Basharia” tribes. It is followed by three villages: "Bernice, Abu al-Hasan al-Shazly, and Abu Ghosoun".

Doiphin house in Marsa

 Marsa Alam contains several tourist attractions, including Samadai Reserve “Dolphin House”: Samadai Reserve, Dolphin House or Dolphin Reserve, is a special protection area 14 km from Marsa Alam and is one of the most beautiful and rarest parts of the Red Sea, and is the largest dolphin reserve in the world It includes more than 5,000 dolphins that sleep during the day among the Samadai reefs, and swim and are active at night.

The reserve is managed by the Red Sea Environmental Preservation Society “HEPCA” voluntarily and free of charge, with a fee-for-service system for visitors to the reserve.

The area does not fall within the boundaries of the areas declared as national reserves, but it was declared as a special protection area by the Local People's Council and by the decision of the Governor of the Red Sea No. 178 in 2004. Characteristics and importance of the reserve:

After a few months of activating the management plan and daily environmental monitoring, a significant increase in the number of dolphins in the Samadai reef was recorded. The Red Sea Reserves Department conducted studies that confirmed that large numbers of dolphins, known as the rotary dolphin, come daily in large numbers to the Samadai reef area for rest.

The Environmental Affairs Agency has also made several efforts to preserve the area and its contents of dolphins, coral reefs, and marine creatures, and the possibility of declaring the Samday area as a nature reserve is currently being studied,

through expansion in the marine part. The Samadai reef area was divided with floating signs into 4 areas (A, B, C, and D): Area (A): It is an area designated for the rest of the dolphins, completely closed to all activities. Zone (B): It is an area where only swimming is allowed and no other activities are allowed.

Area (C): It is an area designated for waiting for tourist launches. Zone (D): It is the outer area and all activities are allowed. Efforts to protect the Samadai Reserve: A catalog has been prepared for the number of dolphins in the Samadai Reserve area, which is called “Dolphin House” in the Red Sea. And monitor changes in his behavior during his stay in the reserve.


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