Recreational Tourism in Egypt

Egypt is considered a year-round recreational tourism destination due to its wonderful climate. In addition to geographical variations in natural landscapes; it varies from flat desert with sand dunes and rugged topography and mountains sloping down to the sea.

Recreational Tourism in Egypt |

The stresses of life and mental disorders affect our daily activities and practices, which exhaust our psychological and physical strength. Recreational Tourism is one of the types of tourism, which is tourism aimed at self-entertainment and changing the working atmosphere and stresses of life. Egypt is one of the countries that contain recreational tourist destinations that bring together many tourists from all over the world. Recreational tourism in Egypt is enjoyable because its lands extend over the white and red seas, which are characterized by picturesque beaches that attract tourists to entertain and relax.

Recreational tourist sites in Egypt:

Red Sea region

Red Sea region is characterized by clear water, colorful coral reefs, rare fish, and wonderful mountains in a long chain by the sea, and between them and the sea it is easy to set up camps in it, and the tourists were able to dive, snorkel, swim and many marine sports.

Egypt Recreational Tourism 

Sinai is characterized by the presence of colorful coral reefs and multiple and rare fish, this makes the tourist enjoy marine sports such as diving and fishing,  in addition to the beaches, plateaus, mountains, and scenic landscapes, and Aqaba's beach waters are warm throughout General This is what encourages the presence of tourists to enjoy the many sports, relaxation, and entertainment.

North Coast area

The northern coast is characterized by the abundance of new tourist villages that extend along the coast. it is located about 270 km from Cairo and Giza.


It is called Palm Beach, due to the presence of palm trees along the beach. There are many tourist services that encourage tourists there, and many chalets overlook it. Resorts are also spread over the Gulf of Aqaba and the Mediterranean coast.

Leisure Tourism in Egypt

This tourism is characterized by the presence of many fast trips by small boats called Felucca Nile cruises as well as Egypt Nile River cruises by ships, which encourages enjoying the experience of this unique type of entertainment in the great Nile.

The Nile, the Red Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea, clear skies, the warm sun, more and more make recreational tourism in Egypt unique.

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