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Aswan is not only an amazing city, Aswan means the beauty of nature and the grandeur of history represented in the ancient Pharaonic civilization, Aswan means the warmth of winter and the splendor of the Nile. Tourism in Aswan is one of the best decisions you can make.

Tourism in Aswan
Aswan isn’t an amazing city only, Aswan means the beauty of nature and the greatness of history portrayed in ancient pharaonic civilization, Aswan means the warmth of the winter and the splendor of the Nile.
Tourism in Aswan is one of the best decisions you can make.

Aswan is a city in the south of Egypt, about  870 km south of Cairo, and approximately 180 km south of Luxor.
Historical overview:-
 Aswan is the ancient city of Swenet. Swenet was located on the main trading route between Egypt and the south, So the ancient city was the gateway to Africa. The Copts called it “ souan “ meaning  “ trade “,   from which the current Aswan is derived.
The climate in Aswan: 

The climate in Aswan is considered a desert climate. there are virtually no rains during the year. the average annual temperature is 26.8 C, During the month of January, February, and December. The average temperature is between 20  C and 25 C.

Aswan attractions:

The Nubian museum   
    An international museum of Nubia was established in 1997.  The Nubian museum was dedicated to Nubian civilization and culture.
The unfinished obelisk 
      The Unfinished Obelisk is the largest ancient obelisk, it is one-third larger than any ancient Egyptian obelisk created.
Elephantine Island
    Elephantine Island is an island on the Nile, it contains a lot of archeological sites.
El Nabatat island 
   Kitchener's Island or Botanical island is a small oval-shaped island. 
Philae Island
     Philae is an island in the reservoir of the Aswan low dam. The Temple of Philae which is dedicated to Goddess Isis used to be within the island before being transferred to another place called the Agilika Island.
Aswan museum 
    Aswan Museum is a museum in Elephantine. Aswan museum was opened to the public in 1912.  

Other landmarks and monuments
-    Tombs of the Nobles
-    The temple of the island.
-    Sehel island 
-    Agha khan Mausoleum
-    Fatimid Cemetery
-    Aswan dam 
-    Aswan High dam
-    Temple of Satis
-    Temple of Hekayib
-    Nilometer of Khnum
-    Qubbet Al Hawa 
-    Monastery of St Simeon
-    Temple of Kom Ombo

What a great city? One city and more than  20 tourist places to visit.  A Nile cruise, ancient sites, sun, more and more can be done in Aswan.

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