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  • Norwegian Gem Cruise Ship Stops in Alexandria Port

    Norwegian Gem Cruise Ship Stops in Alexandria Port

    The Norwegian Cruise Line fleet, like the Norwegian Gem, provides passengers with a fantastic opportunity to explore and experience the amazing sights and experiences of Egypt during scheduled calls at Port Alexandria. Spanning 965 feet in length and accommodating 2,394 guests

  • Celebrity Apex Cruise Ship Stops in Alexandria Port

    Celebrity Apex Cruise Ship Stops in Alexandria Port

    The luxurious amenities, state-of-the-art design, and exceptional service of Celebrity Apex make it a fantastic place to cruise. Consisting of a voyage combined with another cruise, despite the Celebrity Apex's primary destinations being the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

  • Seabourn Encore Cruise Stops in Safaga Port

    Seabourn Encore Cruise Stops in Safaga Port

    The Oceania Nautica is a mid-sized luxury cruise ship that offers an exceptional cruising experience. Launched in 2000 and recently renovated, the Nautica can accommodate 684 passengers in its elegant staterooms and suites. Renowned for its exceptional dining venues, personalised service, and enriching onboard activities, the Nautica provides a refined and sophisticated journey for its guests, including when it stops at the Safaga port in Egypt.

  • Oceania Nautica Cruise Stops in Safaga Port

    Oceania Nautica Cruise Stops in Safaga Port

    The Oceania Nautica, a mid-sized luxury cruise ship, offers an exceptional experience as it docks in the port of Safaga, Egypt. Renowned for its timeless elegance, impeccable culinary offerings, and personalised service, the Nautica provides discerning travellers with a harmonious blend of comfort and cultural immersion.

  • MS Nieuw Statendam Cruise Ship Stops in Alexandria Port

    MS Nieuw Statendam Cruise Ship Stops in Alexandria Port

    Travellers on the MS Nieuw Statendam's Egypt cruises in 2024–2025 will have a fantastic trip. The Nieuw Statendam, the newest vessel in the prestigious Holland America Line fleet, is a piece of modern art that seamlessly combines classic maritime features.

  • Seven Seas Navigator Cruise Stops in Safaga Port

    Seven Seas Navigator Cruise Stops in Safaga Port

    The Seven Seas Navigator is a class apart. The personalised service, the attention to detail, and the overall grandeur of the experience all combine to create something genuinely exceptional. I can't recommend sailing on this ship highly enough if you get the chance. This is your chance to enjoy Egypt in the most opulent way possible while taking in all that it has to offer.

Tourism in Aswan | Aswan Tourism

  • 05 16, 2023

Tourism in Aswan | Aswan Tourism
Aswan isn’t an amazing city only, Aswan means the beauty of nature and the greatness of history portrayed in ancient pharaonic civilization, Aswan means the warmth of the winter and the splendor of the Nile. Tourism in Aswan is one of the best decisions you can make.

Aswan is a city in the south of Egypt, about  870 km south of Cairo, and approximately 180 km south of Luxor.
Historical overview:-
 Aswan is the ancient city of Sweet. Sweet was located on the main trading route between Egypt and the south, So the ancient city was the gateway to Africa. The Copts called it “ soul “ meaning  “ trade “,   from which the current Aswan is derived.
The climate in Aswan: 

The climate in Aswan is considered a desert climate. there are virtually no rains during the year. the average annual temperature is 26.8 C, During the month of January, February, and December. The average temperature is between 20  C and 25 C.

Aswan attractions:

The Nubian museum   
    An international museum of Nubia was established in 1997.  The Nubian museum was dedicated to Nubian civilization and culture.
The unfinished obelisk 
      The Unfinished Obelisk is the most giant ancient obelisk, one-third larger than any ancient Egyptian obelisk created.
Elephantine Island
    Elephantine Island is an island on the Nile, it contains a lot of archeological sites.
El Nabatat island 
   Kitchener's Island or Botanical island is a small oval-shaped island. 
Philae Island
     Philae is an island in the reservoir of the Aswan low dam. The Temple of Philae which is dedicated to Goddess Isis used to be within the island before being transferred to another place called Agilika Island.
Aswan museum 
    Aswan Museum is a museum in Elephantine. Aswan museum was opened to the public in 1912.  

Other landmarks and monuments
-    Tombs of the Nobles. 
-    The temple of the island.
-    Sehel island 
-    Agha khan Mausoleum
-    Fatimid Cemetery
-    Aswan dam 
-    Aswan High dam
-    Temple of Satis
-    Temple of Hekayib
-    Nilometer of Khnum
-    Qubbet Al Hawa 
-    Monastery of St Simeon
-    Temple of Kom Ombo

What a great city! One city and more than  20 tourist places to visit.  A Nile cruise, ancient sites, sun, and more and more can be done in Aswan. Egypt in its history has never ceased to arouse emotions and the desire to discover the treasures of this pharaonic world.


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Aswan got its name from being a strategic entryway to the south. It was the primary source of granite used for obelisks and sculptures in ancient times. Aswan is well-known for its stunning Nile Valley beauty, rich archaeological monuments, and serene atmosphere.

Every traveler is able to participate in a variety of activities in Aswan, including exploring the west bank, the unfinished obelisk, a day trip to Abo Simple, and Philae Temple. Examine the Nubian Museum.


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