National Let's Laugh Day | International Laughter Day

We've all heard the saying, "Laughter is the best medicine." March 19 is the ideal time to take your medicine, as it is National Laughter Day. Laughter is proven to be healthy for you, not only mentally, but physically as well! It's a perfect stress reliever, strengthens the immune system, reduces pain, makes you sleep better and can even burn calories. How are you supposed to celebrate laughter day? Take a few minutes out of your day to laugh, have fun and spread a positive feeling.

National Let's Laugh Day

Laughs are both contagious and infectious, and the greatest treatment all at the same time. Although the language is odd, laugh at it. National Let's Laugh Day is calling on us to bring out the giggles, the guffaws, the belly laughs, and all the other forms of laughter that we can imagine. All of us hit low points, where it takes more work than normal to smile and laugh. So, this special day offers us a balanced year-round practice of hilarity, joy, and hysteric laughter. 

International Laughter Day

Have you ever heard of yoga laughter? Laughter yoga is a class where the abdominal muscles, lungs, arms, and facial muscles are involved in the use of humor. Belly laughs work out everybody and nurture the spirit. You can laugh, but there is a lot of short-term and long-term laughter. Laughter enhances oxygen intake, activates organs, releases endorphins into the brain, and improves mood.

Let's Laugh Day

Laughter loosens muscles, reduces blood pressure, and leaves one feeling comfortable. In the longer term, laughter will strengthen the immune system, and battle sickness, pain, and depression. On top of all, laughing burns calories!

Fun facts about laughter

  • Laughter reduces the body's cortisol and the stress hormone. Fake laughs don't strip out the mustard.
  • Every time you chuckle, your facial and abdominal muscles get a workout. You could potentially burn as much as 40 calories with a 15-minute belly laugh.
  • Watching or reading something funny before sleep may also help people sleep longer and easier.
  • For several people, laughter soon after waking up has the invigorating effect of a cup of coffee. Only trying that out.

How to celebrate National Let’s Laugh Day:

Go out of your way to fill the day with hilarity:

  • Laugh out loud for a few minutes.
  • Spend some time reading jokes and funny stories.
  • Watch a funny movie.
  • Attend a stand-up comedy show.
  • Get with your friends and relive the funnier episodes in your lives.

The story of the god "Bes" who brought humor and fun to the Pharaohs:

God Bes, is the only divinity represented exclusively in frontal perspective, it belonged to one of the minor deities in ancient Egypt most admirable to the popular imagination of the ancient Egyptians.

"The ancient Egyptian used to be interested in humor and fun to promote himself during his busy day with hard work, and from here came a role of the god Bes but to instill the spirit of humor and fun among the Egyptians in the Pharaonic era." Even after his death, when several Pharaonic tombs were found on their murals, some jokes were written on them, and one of his roles was to bring pleasure to the king and the entourage in the royal councils.

When ancient Egyptian babies suddenly laughed or smiled, many Egyptians thought that Bes was pulling funny faces in the room. He was the guardian of mothers, children, and pregnant women, and wall paintings of Bes were found in rooms connected with children or childbirth.

This spirit of humor among the Egyptian people is entrenched and inherited from the ancestors, who paid attention to humor and made it an idol specializing in this task.

The houses of birth and the sacred education of the children of kings were also filled with murals of the god "Bas", believing that he entertains the children of kings And princes, go away from their wildness, and drives away nightmares and frightening visions about them, as mentioned in the mural inscription

The god "Bes" is a fact and not a fiction, and he is the most prominent feature of the Temple of Dendera, also known as the temple of "Hathor", the ancient Egyptian goddess of love, beauty, and motherhood. It is located 5 kilometers from the city of Qena, where it has the largest and most famous statue of all Egyptian temples at. If you visit the Temple of Dendera, you will be interested.

Egyptians’ sense of humor is very telling in the past and nowadays

"Laughter shows a desire to live; Egyptians resort to sarcasm and humor to express their own viewpoint or evade their problems".  "Abdellatif El-Menawy"

Ancient Egyptians sanctified humor to the point that they also consigned a funny goddess and married her to the god of knowledge. This is the closest reason for the relationship between the Egyptians and their sense of humor, demonstrating their attitude to life.

It is said that ancient Egyptians believed that the universe was made out of laughter. Until today when the Egyptians say a joke, their intention is not to make you laugh, but to make themselves laugh. Laughter indicates a willingness to live; Egyptians resort to sarcasm and satire to express their own point of view or to escape their own problems.


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