4 days Siwa Oasis Tour From Cairo

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4 days Siwa Oasis Tour From Cairo

Welcome to the four-day Siwa Oasis Tour from Cairo! Are you seeking for a journey to a place with historic beauty and natural wonders? If so, then a tour of Siwa Oasis is the perfect way to satisfy your desires with our Egypt desert safari tours. Located in the western desert of Egypt, Siwa Oasis is one of the most remote and least visited areas in the country. 

Despite its remoteness, the area is a place of great natural beauty and is home to many fascinating historic sites. A tour of the oasis is a unique opportunity to explore a place that has largely remained unchanged for centuries with our Egypt travel packages. On this 4 day Siwa Oasis tour from Cairo, you will be able to explore the area in depth. 

The tour will begin with a visit to the Great Sand Sea, a vast expanse of dunes stretching out to the horizon. Here, you will be able to experience the vastness and beauty of the desert and even take a camel ride across the sand. you can enjoy our Egypt trips. Our professional guides will lead you on a tour of the magnificent dunes and historic sites.



Pick up and drop off service from Cairo

Private English speaking tour guide Egyptologist

Entrance fee to all mentioned sites

Meals start from Lunch (first day) ending with Lunch (last day)

All drinks since leaving Cairo till you are back 

All transfers by a private air-conditioned vehicle

Great sand sea safari trip using 4x4 car

Bedouin dinner in camp

accommodation 3 days in Siwa hotel

1 camp night in the desert - full board



Any Private Expenses


In order to spend time in Siwa before retiring to sleep and preparing for the following day, you will begin your Siwa oasis trip from Cairo early in the morning.
At 5 am (or later if you choose), your tour guide will pick you up and begin driving to Siwa. By way of Alexandria, you'll go to Marsa Matrouh, where you'll eat lunch close to the Mediterranean, which is a particularly exceptional region of the sea because of its stunning color variety. The serene waters of Marsa Matrouh are thought to have been used by Cleopatra herself to bathe.

After that, you will continue driving to Siwa oasis, arriving there just before dusk (depends on the traffic).
After supper, you may spend the rest of the evening relaxing, touring the area, watching the commencement of a show, or going to see Siwa downtown.

After taking in a very peaceful sunrise, you'll eat breakfast and get ready to explore El Dakroor Mountain before going on a safari.
Afterward, you depart from the bustle of life on this Jeep safari excursion into the desert. Your safari guides will take you on an adventure across the vast sand dunes and deep within the huge sand in a 44 Jeep.
You must admire the incredible desert vegetation and animals. Additionally, we'll let you participate in exciting activities like sandboarding and dunking in addition to many others! We will provide our services so that you may use your camera to record the most memorable parts of your Siwa desert tour.
In the vicinity of beer wahed, settle in for a fantastic desert Bedouin meal on furniture inspired by the region.

then we'll go there The salt that is taken from the salt lakes in Siwa has therapeutic and stress-relieving properties. The saline of the lakes is believed to offer natural healing benefits for the skin, sinuses, and eyes, in addition to making it easier to read a book while floating on your back and rest your entire self, which is genuinely beneficial. As a result, Siwa is now largely covered by the recreational and medical tourism sectors.
The Bir Wahed hot and cold springs were unintentionally found.

only a few kilometres apart, gently sprouting in the middle of the Great Sand Sea. People go from all over the world to the Oasis only to take a dip in the naturally created hot springs and then cool down in the freshwater pool on a hot day; it is a natural, cost-free form of healing.
Make your way to Cleopatra Spring, A pool of stones that receives cold freshwater as its source. So that when you dive into that amazing water, you can chill down and renew your day. Additionally, this spring is encircled by stunning green palm trees, One of the pleasures of your Siwa oasis tour to the big sand sea will be seeing a stunning desert sunset while barefoot strolling across the dunes.
Upon arrival, enjoy a barbecue supper, grilled meats, crisp salads, delectable Siwian cuisine, coffee, and dates at a camp in the Bedouin manner.

after breakfast we will transfer to your hotel and relax after having lunch we will visit One of the pleasures of your Siwa oasis tour to the big sand sea will be seeing a stunning desert sunset while barefoot strolling across the dunes.

Upon arrival, enjoy a barbecue supper, grilled meats, crisp salads, delectable Siwian cuisine, coffee, and dates at a camp in the Bedouin manner.

Afterward, we'll go to The Mountain of the Dead or ( Gabal Elmwata ),This little hill near the northernmost part of Siwa Town is covered with beautiful wall murals and honeycombed with rock graves. Gebel al-Mawta, which translates to "Mountain of the Dead," is where it is located. The majority of the tombs here date back to the 26th dynasty as well as Ptolemaic and Roman eras. The Siwans utilised these tombs as shelters when the Italians attacked the oasis during World War II.

Next, go to The Fortification of Shali, a mud-brick fortress built in the 13th century where the Siwa people once resided. Even though some of the ancient town's structures are still in use, they deteriorate further every year as a result of their construction from salt, mud, rock, and plaster.

The Oracle Temple, also known as Aghurmi or Amun Ra Temple, will then be our next stop. Alexander the Great entered Egypt for the first time and made his way to the Greek-built temple. (Temple of Amun Ra).

We will finally get to Fatnas Lake.You can bike or stroll to Fatnas, a small island in Birket Siwa. It's a great location to relax and watch the sun set across the lake, with Gebel Bayda and Hamra serving as the backdrop to the west. A stroll through the garden reveals a variety of species, such as banana, date, and olive trees.then transfer you to your hotel.

On this day, you may take use of Siwa more before returning to Cairo. You wouldn't want to skip out on Siwa's world-famous dates, olives, jellies, and syrups either. Herbs, teas, and the well-known lamps and crafts made entirely of salt from the salt lakes in Siwa, which have medicinal and stress-relieving properties, are also on the list.

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Booking a tour of the Egyptian desert can be done at your hotel or resort, through travel websites, or through tour agencies. For the best experience, it is advised to read reviews, assess prices, and pick a reputable operator.

The best time is in the cooler months, from late autumn to early spring (October to April), when temperatures are more conducive to outdoor activities.

The best time of year to experience a safari in the Egyptian desert is during the spring and fall, when temperatures are mild and the atmosphere is relaxed. Here's a breakdown of the appropriate periods:

  1. Spring (March-May): Spring is an excellent time to travel to the Egyptian desert. Temperatures are relatively mild during the day and the nights are pleasant. Nature blooms, and the weather is perfect for spotting wildlife and enjoying the beautiful scenery.
  2. Fall (September-November): Like spring, fall is one of the best seasons for a safari in the Egyptian desert. Temperatures are comfortable during the day and drop at night. The horizon is clear, and the deserts are often quiet and beautiful.

There are several ways to get about Cairo, including buses, metro, Uber, taxis, and guided excursions. Although ride-sharing services and taxis are practical modes of transportation, it's crucial to establish a fare before you leave.


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