Temple of Amun Ra in Siwa Oasis | Um Ubaida Temple

Among the many temples that are innumerable in Egypt, is the Temple of "Amun" or the Temple of Predictions in the Oasis of Siwa or Temple of Om Obeyda , It is one of the most famous monuments of the god Amun, which was built during the XXVI dynasty in the sixth century BC on the plateau of Aghurmi.

Temple of Um Ubaida

Siwa is the westernmost Oasis in the Egyptian desert, only 30 kilometers far from the Libyan borders in the heart of the great sand sea. 

Temple of Amun Ra in Siwa Oasis

The Temple of Amon or also known as the Temple of Umm Ubayd constructed during the 30th dynasty, only a wall decorated with bas-reliefs and a gigantic pile of ruins remains. The temple was built by Nectanebo II.

The Temple of Amun is one of the oldest temples in the world, it is located 4 kilometers east of the current city of Siwa during the reign of the Thirtieth Dynasty by "Nectanebo II"

Unfortunately, one of the high officials 1897 blew the temple up to use its stones to build a staircase for the police station and a house. All that remains are ruins of broken stones and inscriptions in the Greek language, mostly written by travelers in ancient times.


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