Bir Wahed in Siwa Oasis | Well Number 1 Water Spring

One of Siwa's most favorite excursions is the freshwater lake at Bir Wahed, 15 km from the edge of the Great Sand Sea. Once over the top of a dune, you come to a hot spring, the size of a large Jacuzzi, where sulfurous water bubbles into a pool and runs out to irrigate a garden.

Bir Wahid in Siwa Oasis 

Bir Wahid is an area within the Great Sand Sea of ​​Siwa Oasis, comprised of three natural water springs, although only two of them are the most visited. It is located in the desert known as the Great Sand Sea which is a naturally preserved area that stretches 800 km long, to the north of the Gilf Kebir plateau and east of Libya.

Here, the water flows strongly at a maximum temperature of 37º, as if it is a sauna or thermal complex. 

Siwa Oasis in Egypt

Underground wells are one of the most important places for medical tourism and nature is a key factor in the maintenance of these wells, and Egypt includes a variety of wells and underground springs that is effective in the treatment of an endless number of skin diseases.

Healing tourism makes use of the hot sulfur water and is well-practiced in Siwa Oasis, God's Paradise in his land. You can enjoy a 3-day Siwa Oasis from Cairo at a very affordable price.

Its water temperature reaches 39 ° C. It contains several minerals and sulfur elements used for the physical therapy of various diseases such as psoriasis and rheumatic diseases. The natural hot sulfur water and relaxation and enjoyment among the golden dunes of the most important factors that distinguish the hot well from the rest of the groundwater wells.

Bir Wahid is a Sulfur hot water in the dunes in the Great Sand Sea and located about 15 kilometers from Siwa that you can enjoy if you Travel from Cairo to Siwa, the land of fantasy, It was said that the reason for their departure is the Romans. Take advantage of this offer and discover the wonders of the blessed land of Egypt, from historical times to the present day.


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