Ghaliet Ecolodge & Spa in Siwa Oasis

Ghaliet means "precious" and Ghaliet Ecolodge & Spa at Siwa Oasis is a haven for people to reconnect with nature and themselves and with its natural spring at its very heart. You can visit more hotels and resorts with Cairo Top Tours!

Ghaliet Ecolodge & Spa in Siwa Oasis

Ghaliet is a different Ecolodge SPA placed nearby the Temple of Amun Ra and the Temple of Alexander the Great (temple of the oracles). It has been constructed with natural materials and planted with palm trees. Smell the history experience with a full journey of inspiration from nature, organic design, organic food, and different health programs.

You can enjoy staying in the upper rooms with the transparent glass ceiling opening where you feel like you are sleeping in heaven. Also, you can experience the unique outdoor privacy in the lower rooms with their private backyard.

Ecolodge facilities:

Quiet rooms · Family-friendly · Hotel design · Thoughtful amenities · Good room service · Romantic atmosphere.

Entering the Ghaliet Ecolodge, you will feel like you entered a time machine that took you to another dimension of calm and meditation, the organic Bedouin-style breakfast is healthy and delicious, with a pack of Egyptian and Siwi beverages presented all day long.

When you book your Egypt Day Tours to enjoy Siwa Oasis Tour from Cairo, you will learn more about the Amazigh culture and also you will see the Temple of Amun Re at Um Ubeida, the oldest footprint which dates back to 3 million years ago, the Tomb of Alexander the Great, Fortress of Shali and the Siwa House Museum which contains a lot of displays of the ancient Siwan People as well as their daily life tools and accessories.


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