Cleopatra Spring | Ain Juba | Guba Spring in Siwa Oasis

It is also known as (Ain Juba), and its name is from the 5th century BC when it was described by the historian (Herodotus). It is one of the Siwa Oasis' natural fountains and the famous tourist attraction of Siwa; it is said to have swam during the Egyptian Queen's visit to Siwa.

Cleopatra Spring is a natural water spring, fed naturally by the underground water and is considered the best-known water spring in the area, there is a belief that Queen Cleopatra took a shower in these waters accompanied by a landscape surrounded by palm trees and sand.

Local girls of Siwa used to bath in this place before the wedding believing they will become as pretty and charming as queen Cleopatra since she is known to have visited the well historically leaving her name to be mentioned whenever people talk about the best bubbling water spring in the western desert.

Following the trail that leads to the Oracle Temple and continuing beyond the Umm Ubayd Temple will take you to the most famous spring in Siwa Oasis. Crystal clear water gurgles in a large stone pool, which is a popular bathing place for both locals and tourists. A couple of lovely coffee shops have comfortable shaded seating areas and serve refreshments and delicious snacks; Bring your own picnic if you want to hang out.

One of Siwa's most famous tourist attractions is a stone bath full of natural hot springs, and some claim that it is named after famous queen Cleopatra who took a dip here during her visit to Siwa. 

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