Dakrour Mountain in Siwa Oasis | Siwa Festival

Dakrour Mountain is located 3 km southeast of the Siwa Oasis, a mountain known for its healing climatic properties, especially for patients with rheumatism. As it is famous for the healing properties of its hot sand since ancient times, there are two cemeteries, one of which are the six columns cut in earlier times and the Greek era.

Dakrour Mountain in Siwa

Dakrour mountain is located 3 km southeast of Siwa Oasis and is considered one of the most amazing things to visit during your tour from Cairo to Siwa Oasis

People from all over the world come to visit Dakrour Mountain in Siwa Oasis to enjoy hot sand baths, which are characterized by their ability to treat joint pain, skin diseases, and many other things during the Siwa Oasis tour from Cairo.

Siwa residents celebrate every year by going to Dakrour mountain and staying in old houses and tents on the mountain for 3 days, in celebration of their feast, which was established 160 years ago, after the end of wars and disputes between the western tribes and eastern tribes of Siwa, and there is many of Egyptians and tourists come to enjoy with this famous event during their trips from Cairo to Siwa Oasis.


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