The Mountain of EL-Dest | JEBEL AL-DUST Baharia Oasis

Al-Dust and Al-Majdal mountains are two adjacent mountains, the first of which is Jabal Al-Dust, which is characterized by its pyramidal shape, which rises to fifty meters and has a circumference at the base of about 800 m, while this circumference shrinks to about 30 meters at the top. As for the Scooper Mountain, its base is fifty meters away from the base of Jebel Al-Dust and slightly less than it in height. The length of the circumference of the base of the Scooper Mountain is about 600 meters at the base and about 15 meters at the top.

The English traveler "Stromer" saw the remains of dinosaur bones at the base of Jebel Dust in 1914. In 2000, the skeleton of the dinosaur was discovered by a scientific expedition to the University of Pennsylvania in the United States. This dinosaur is one of the largest dinosaurs discovered on our planet. Between 93.5 million and 99 million years ago, the mission of the University of Pennsylvania transferred the discovered structure to the United States to conduct the studies, tests, and measurements necessary for it, with a promise to return it to Egypt. The first Egyptian dinosaurs, Therefore, the area was chosen as a nature reserve.

Bahariya is one of a lot of winning desert circuit oases, and at simply 365km from Cairo, it is also the foremost accessible. abundant of the oasis floor here is roofed by sprawling shady date palms and dotted with dozens of natural springs, that beg to be plunged into. the encompassing landscape of rocky, sandy mesas may be a grand introduction to the Western Desert's barren beauty.

During the center Kingdom and particularly throughout Roman times, the oasis was a center of agriculture, manufacturing wine sold-out within the Nile River depression and as secluded as Rome. Its strategic location on the Libya–Nile depression caravan routes ensured it prospered additionally throughout later ages. In recent years, gorgeous anthropology finds, like that of the Golden Mummies, and simple access to the White and Black Deserts have earned  Bahariya a firm spot on the tourer map.


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