7 Days Cairo sightseeing tour and Sinai hiking

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                              Cairo sightseeing tour and Sinai

With one of our Egypt tours, 7 days are the ideal length of stay. With our Egypt travel packages, travelers can choose from a range of itineraries, and a protracted stay in Cairo for those who have the opportunity to explore numerous locations such as the Giza pyramids and the Egyptian Museum.

Other choices in our Egypt tour Itineraries include combining a tour of historic Egyptian cities with a safari in the Egyptian desert in Mount Sinai. See the itineraries below to discover more about your options and book one of Egypt tours that we offer.

  • Transportation from Cairo airport to your hotel and back and from your hotel in Cairo to the South Sinai governorate and back.
  • Your transfers to Sinai city are done by modern air-conditioned vehicles with Cairo Top Tours.
  • Entrance fees to the mentioned sites in the program.
  • Professional tour guide during your Egypt day tours.
  • Bottled water and a soft drink.
  • Local Bedouin guides throughout the trekking trips in Sinai.
  • All taxes that might be charged for your Cairo day tours are included.
  • shopping tours in Cairo
  • 3-night accommodation in Cairo Pyramids Hotel with breakfast and bed in Cairo.
  • 3-night accommodation in the Bedouin camp - eco loge el karm full board

At Cairo International Airport in Egypt, our tour guide will be waiting to greet and assist you. After that, we will transport you to your Cairo lodging in a climate-controlled vehicle.

Your tour guide will transport you to the Necropolis of Giza, the first stop on your itinerary, on day two after breakfast. All there is to know about ancient Egypt will be taught to you.

Egypt I know The Giza Pyramids, which include the Valley Temple, the Great Sphinx, and the three Great Pyramids, will be the first stop during Egypt Easter tours. We'll then head to the Memphis area after that.

We will get the chance to visit Memphis' outdoor museum and observe the modern Mit-Rahina neighbourhood. At Mit-Rahina village, which currently occupies the site of Memphis, several antiquities and sarcophagi, notably the Alabaster Sphinx of Memphis, have been discovered. Before we go, we'll get lunch at a neighbouring eatery.

You will go on day two to the Necropolis of Giza area, which is the first thing on your programme. All there is to know about ancient Egypt will be taught to you.

Our tour guide will transport you back to your lodging after your visit to the Sakkara Pyramid.

To begin your amazing Sinai Hiking Tours, our representative will meet you at your lodging in Cairo. Before starting the Sinai hiking expedition, we will check into the eco loge el karm Bedouin camp after an early-morning, around 5-hour travel to Sinai. After an hour of rest, check your baggage before setting off on your Egypt desert Safari tours.

Our first stop will be Wadi Al Fara. This hike stands out for its challenging rise and rapid descent. A 3-kilometer accessible off-road drive is available.

The next stop is the desert region of the Jabal Shayeb Al Banat mountain range in eastern Egypt. There are several deep canyons and wide slabs of volcanic rock on the mountain's sides. This mountain offers a variety of tourist activities, including camping, hiking paths, and rock climbing. then arrange your transportation to visit Wadi el Nogra.

and transport you to El Karm, your eco-camp.

After sipping bedouin tea and getting ready for breakfast in camp, you'll be transported to Wadi Tala. Follow the direction in front of you to return to St. Katherine. Just in front of you, via a little hole in a stone retaining wall, the lower route joins Wadi Itlah. It is possible to observe clearly from this vantage point the thin water curtains that drop from the rock face after a shower, making it white and forming a V-shaped depression.

We then take you across this region of the high Sinai mountains to a Bedouin community and a sheik's tomb. It is a well-liked hiking location since the routes that link St. Katherine and here provide a diversity of mountain scenery.

then take you back to your tent so you can relax and have lunch there.

We'll transport you back to Cairo so you may check into a hotel and spend the night there after breakfast at the camp.

Your tour guide will take you to Tahrir Square in Cairo after breakfast so that you may see The Egyptian Museum. We will stroll around the museum's many halls in order to see the treasures kept there.

Before travelling to Old Cairo from the city's centre, we will stop for a quick meal at a nearby restaurant. The Mamluk Mosque, Sultan Hassan's Madrasa, and the mosque of Ibn Tulun, the oldest mosque still in existence in Africa, will serve as the starting points of our inquiry into Islam.

Afterwards, you'll be taken to Coptic Cairo. The first stop on your tour of Cairo is the Roman fortress of Babylon, built by Emperor Trajan. It is located in a Coptic neighbourhood. Have a look at the Hanging Church, which was built over the castle's ruins.

We'll also take you to the Ben Ezra Synagogue and Abu Serga Church, two significant Coptic landmarks in Cairo that are both near to the Holy Family Tomb. From your guide, learn more about Coptic Cairo.

then drive you back to your hotel.

On the final day of your seven-day journey to Cairo and the Sinai, have breakfast at the hotel before getting ready to check out. You will be picked up by your tour guide from Cairo Top Tours and taken there so you can catch your flight back to Cairo International Airport and head home.

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