Abu Qir Bay

Abu Qir Bay is a wide bay in the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt, located between Abu Qir (near Alexandria) and the mouth of the Nile River at Rashid and west of the city of Idku

Abu Qir Bay

Is one of the natural landmarks of the city of Alexandria, located in the area between Abu Qir in Alexandria and the mouth of the Nile in the Rashid area.

This Gulf is more than important, as it contains in its interior many sunken antiquities dating back to the Ptolemaic era, as it witnessed the famous Abu Qir naval battle, which took place between the English fleet led by Nelson and the fleet of Napoleon Bonaparte and ended with the defeat of the French.

Here are the most important activities that you can do when visiting Abu Qir Bay, in addition to the best hotels in Alexandria near it

The Gulf contains a natural gas field discovered in the 1970s

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