2 Days Tour in Cairo

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Two-day tour of Cairo

Explore the magic of Cairo on a 2-day tour and see the sights while taking an amazing tour to the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx which for thousands of years has been the guardian of the Pyramids of Giza for King Khufu, Khafre, and Mycerinus, visit the necropolis at Saqqara to see the Tombs of the Nobles and the Pyramid of King Teti, and most importantly the Step Pyramid which was built for King Djoser nearly 200 years The Fourth Dynasty pyramids at Giza during the history of the Old Kingdom of Egypt. Enjoy the tour to the ancient city of Memphis to see the open-air museum that includes the magnificent alabaster Sphinx and the huge statue of King Ramesses II, who was one of the New Kingdom's most powerful kings and rulers in prehistoric Egypt. The next day, enjoy a tour of Islamic and Coptic Cairo with this two-day itinerary in Cairo. Cairo, the city of a thousand minarets, and its narrow alleys pulsate with life and civilization in every corner. It is an amazing story told by the ruins of the pyramids and their art museums, combining ancient heritage with modern modernity in an amazing way.

2 days in Cairo itinerary

This will cover most of the things you can do in Cairo.


Meet and assist upon arrival by Cairo Top Tours representative at Cairo International Airport.

All transports from/ to the airport and during your 2 Days Tour in Cairo are covered.

Transports are organized by a modern air-conditioned vehicle.

Accommodation for 1 night in a 5-star hotel in Cairo or Giza.

All Cairo trips during your stay are assisted by our tour leaders as mentioned in the itinerary.

Admission fees and entry tickets for the tours in Cairo are included as well.

All Cairo day tours are inclusive of taxes and service charges.

Shopping tours in Cairo once requested.

Assistance to take beautiful photos of all the sites during your tours in Egypt.

Stops for snacks if you ask for it.

Mineral water during the transfers and Cairo excursions.


International flights.

Any optional Cairo tours that are not listed in the detailed itinerary.

Tipping kitty or gratitudes are not included in the tour price.

Beverage during meals.

Prices do not apply during Christmas and New Year tours in Egypt or Egypt Easter tours.


When you arrive at Cairo International Airport, our Cairo Top Tours will be waiting for you holding a signboard with your name written on it and he will accompany you through the hotel in Cairo or Giza by a private vehicle, when you arrive at the hotel you will check-in with the help of our agent or if it's not the check-in time yet you can leave your luggage and transfer to Giza necropolis with your English-speaking tour guide to enjoy your Giza Pyramids tour.

You will stand close to the only remaining wonder of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, the Great Pyramid of King Cheops which was built 4500 years ago to serve as an eternal home for the semi-god king, the structure enormously standing at a height of 146 meters and 230 meters long for each side to tell us how great and advanced the kings of Egypt were to build such incredible buildings at the dawn of history, the stone blocks are believed to be cut and transported from nearby quarries and their weight varies between 5 to 25 tons each.

Continue to the high plateau to get a full view of the 3 pyramids including the pyramid of King Chephren and King Mycerinus with the queen's pyramids beside the smallest pyramid which contains good evidence for the beautiful outer casing on the lower 16 rows. Your Bedouin guide will take amazing photos while you enjoy a camel ride around Giza Pyramids (optional excursion) before moving to see the magnificent Sphinx of Giza which is part of the pyramid complex of King Chephren and is believed to be built for the king himself to signify how powerful the pharaoh used to be as the lion and as genius as the human with a famous figure of a lion body and the head of a man.
The Valley Temple of Chephren is also close to the sphinx that was carved from the bedrock, this is the place where the mummification of the royal body took place as part of the funeral rituals.

Have your tasty lunch in one of the most beautiful restaurants overlooking the pyramids and the sphinx before continuing your tours in Giza to visit the area known as Saqqara, the necropolis of an earlier period roughly 200 years before the great kings who built the 3 pyramids in Giza, now you will see the first-ever stone pyramid which was built by the genius architect Imhotep for his King Djoser, the Step Pyramid in Saqqara is great evidence of the development of the pyramids building process as it is composed of six rectangular steps above each other and the burial pit is underneath by means of 20 meters. Wander around the area to see the original enclosure walls and the hep-sed court where the king used to renew his sovereignty over the kingdom by the attendance of the nomes rulers to accept him for the next 30 years as their king and semi-god.

You will also have the chance to enter the pyramid of King Teti who ruled Egypt during the 6th dynasty and get fascinated by the tomb of his son-in-law Kagemni, the tomb has random scenes for almost every kind of animal, fish, and bird depicting the daily life hunting scenes carved in perfection in addition to the good preservation for the original colors.

Your next station will be where the ancient city of Memphis used to be, the first capital of Egypt which is now an open-air museum with many artifacts and statues of King Ramses II and the alabaster sphinx, the second biggest sphinx in the history of Egypt.

You will be transferred back to your hotel after finishing your Cairo trips for the first day of your 2 Days Tour in Cairo, now you have the option to enjoy one of our activities during nighttime, like attending the Sound and Light Show in Giza Pyramids or a fancy Nile Dinner Cruise in Cairo.

Included Meals: Lunch

Enjoy your breakfast at the hotel then you will be met by your expert Egyptologist guide to start your amazing Islamic and Coptic Cairo Tour, start with the Citadel of Saladin in Cairo downtown, the fortification was built by the famous Muslim leader Saladin El-Ayyubi in the 12th century to be the shield for the country against any raids by the crusaders, the citadel contains many building but the most important is the Mosque of Mohamed Ali as when you see it.

you will feel like you have been transferred to Istanbul as the building have a great influence from the Turkish style of architecture. Mohamed Ali was brought by the Ottoman Sultan from Albania to get rid of the French occupation in Egypt, but as soon as he did that, he started taking over the country and got rid of the mercenaries (Mamluks) to rule solely in 1805, the mosque is known also by the name the alabaster mosque due to the huge number of white alabaster used inside and outside the mosque.

Resume to the area of Old Cairo to start your Coptic Cairo tour, you will visit the area of the Roman Fortress of Babylon which is now almost ruined except for the base where the Hanging Church of the Holy Virgin Mary was built suspended on two towers of the fortress. Visit also the Cavern Church of St. Serius and the oldest Synagogue of Ben Ezra which once was a Christian Church and was sold to a Jewish wealthy man called Ben Ezra.

Have your tasty lunch before being transferred to enjoy the Cairo shopping tour in the famous market of Khan El-Khalili, you will have a tea mint or a special fresh mango juice in a local cafe while watching the street life and the sellers at the area of Al Hussein, your tour guide will show you some interesting buildings from the early times during your Islamic Cairo trips in Al-Moez Street.

Transfer to any drop-off location as you wish and this will be the end of our service.

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch


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