Day Tour to Saqqara Treasures from Cairo Airport

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Day Tour to Saqqara Treasures from Cairo Airport

Cairo is a bustling metropolis and the largest city in Egypt. It's also the country's political and cultural center. With so much to see and do, it can be overwhelming for first-time visitors. That's why we've put together this Cairo day tour from Cairo Airport. This tour will take you to all the must-see sights, including the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum, and more. you can visit it through our Egypt Day tours

In The Great Sphinx Of Giza Facts is a very old and famous statue in Egypt. It was made by ancient Egyptians a long time ago and is important. People believe it was made when a pharaoh named Khafre was in charge.

 On this tour, you will fall in love with the ancient Egyptian civilization, and you will have a great chance to visit very unique monuments and sites, guided by one of our professional tourist guides and Egyptologist, you can enter more pyramids and tombs and discover its secrets in Saqqara the land of treasures, and the most unique experience to walk underground at the Serapeum and see the Huge sarcophagi of the god Ibes. plus having more photos - here we offer an admission ticket to all available tombs and pyramids at Saqqara. (2-3 pyramids,3-5 tombs, Learn everything there is to know about Egypt's history, which is among the richest and longest in the world. Take full advantage of your airport layover in Cairo by using our Cairo


  • Transportation from and to Cairo Airport by Cairo Top Tours.
  • All tickets and entrance fees during your trip to Saqqara necropolis.
  • Oriental lunch meal in a good local restaurant.
  • In our Cairo Day tours, transportation is privately arranged by a modern air-conditioned vehicle.
  • An expert Egyptologist tour guide will be with you during your Cairo Airport Transit Tour.
  • Bottled water and cold drinks during Egypt Day Tours.
  • Shopping tours in Cairo. (upon your request).
  • All taxes & service charges are covered in Cairo Layover Tours

Your private tour guide will pick you up from the Cairo airport in a luxurious air-conditioned car or van in the morning and transport you to the World of the Pharaohs where you may explore the exhibits and learn about their lives.

One of the primary cemeteries for the ancient Egyptian capital city of Memphis existed for thousands of years on the desert plateau above the modern settlement of Saqqara. As a result, it drew several royal and high-status burials, the remnants of which are visible in pyramids and elaborate tombs.

Numerous pyramids may be found in Saqqara, including the well-known Step Pyramid of King Djoser, the earliest pyramid in Egypt, with its stunning temple, columns way, and the house of the north and the south.

Other magnificent painted tombs of high officials in ancient Egypt include the tomb of vizier Kagemni with its distinctive decorations and scenes and the tomb of the ancient doctor Ankhmahor. You can also see and enter the pyramid of King Unas, which is famous for the amazing Texts inside it, as well as the small pyramid of King Titi.

The largest Old Kingdom tomb at Saqqara, which also happens to be Meriruka's most stunning monument, emphasizes the king's crucial role as a rival with its wall relief of the interior courtyard and entrance gateway.

You will also see the colored sceneries in the tombs of the nobles, including that of the two brothers Niankhnom and Khnomhotep, and Irukaptah, which features well-known representations of daily life in ancient Egypt.

Saqqara's Necropolis was also utilized by the new dynasty, allowing visitors to see further painted and embellished tombs of Maya, who oversaw the Treasury under Pharaohs Tutankhamun and Horemheb.

including a trip to Imhotep's museum, which was the architect of the step pyramid in ancient Egypt.

The museum has six enormous halls filled with works of art from the Saqqara region.

Finally, a truly fantastic trip to the Serapeum! It was novel to traverse a lengthy underground tunnel that led to a burial area for Apis, sacred bulls, and numerous enormous old sarcophagi.

Afterward, you'll board the Felucca, a traditional Egyptian boat, at the pier and have a leisurely ride along the Nile, where you can take in Cairo's amazing nightlife or soak up the sun during the day and enjoy a BBQ lunch. After that, we'll take you back to the airport.

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Let´s have a new experience seeing the Great Giza pyramids, and one of the world´s wonders the half-human half- lion statue the sphinx. Book your tour with us and let´s explore the ancient history stories and see the pharos´ pyramids. Seize the opportunity to be of the first lucky visitors to explore the new discovery of the hidden corridor in the pyramid.

Start From $70 / 8 hours

Let´s have a new memorable tour of the Giza pyramids to watch the world's wonders from thousands of years telling the secrets of ancient Egyptians, Take unforgettable photos with the Sphinx, and you can also find very different shapes of pyramids that contain the pharos ´secrets. In addition, you will see the red stones of the pyramids in Dahshur that make you feel the history surrounding your skin.

Start From $70 / Full Day Tour

Discover Cairo’s different vibes and perspectives during our tour from the Airport: you can see the Great pyramids of Giza and its wonders, live an unforgettable experience seeing the Sphinx and the Egyptian Museum masterpieces, the unique holy churches, and monuments of Coptic Cairo.

Start From $75 / 8 Hours

Book and enjoy the charming atmosphere of Cairo tour from the Airport: see the ancient Egyptian treasures, the Great pyramids, the wondering sphinx statue half lion- half human statue; in addition to visiting the Grand Egyptian museum with one of the largest monuments collection in the world. Note: The Grand museum is not opened yet for usual visits, but you can book your special ticket through our website.

Start From $90 / Day Trip

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Saqqara offers a captivating historical and archaeological experience. You can explore ancient tombs, visit the renowned Step Pyramid of Djoser, marvel at intricate hieroglyphics, and immerse yourself in the rich history of ancient Egypt.

If you take your time and examine each of the monuments you've named, you can end up staying at Saqqara for two to three hours.

If you do not reside in your country of origin, you may still apply for a visa to Egypt. The local Egyptian embassy or consulate is the place to apply for a visa; alternatively, you can obtain one upon arrival.

Since Egypt is a Muslim nation, as was already mentioned, alcohol is not widely accessible anywhere but in tourist destinations and Western-style hotels and resorts. You can buy wine and beer on every Dragonfly Kite Safari.

Saqqara is a special place in Egypt, where there are lots of big pyramids and ancient tombs. It has been important for a long time, for 5,000 years!

 A day tour to Saqqara Treasures from Cairo Airport is a guided excursion that allows you to explore the archaeological site of Saqqara, located near Cairo, Egypt, within a single day. Saqqara is renowned for its ancient pyramids, including the famous Step Pyramid of Djoser, as well as other fascinating tombs and structures.


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