Aquarium Museum Alexandria

The Aquarium Museum has an important role in spreading culture, knowledge, and information useful to interested and visiting school and university students and tourists from all over the world.

The Aquarium is the only marine museum located in Alexandria. It was established in 1969, and what distinguishes it is that it is close to the Qaitbay Citadel, and its visit is an interesting thing because it is close to the castle.

The Aquarium includes various types of fish, reptiles, fossils, and rare marine animals from the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, and from freshwaters such as the Nile and Amazon rivers. It also includes stuffed waterfowl such as swans, flamingos, and seagulls.

Consist of: The museum has two halls containing 32 basins of various sizes determined by the number, type, and size of the fish and the Marine organisms that live to provide a suitable environment. There are many species of fish that vary in their native habitat and environmental conditions. In addition to the basins, scientific information is available for each species of fish, in terms of their scientific name, what foods they eat, and where they are found.

it has the bodies and structures of various stuffed fish such as sunfish, marine animals, coral reefs in fantastic colors, and rare fish, inside glass aquariums. And stone walls with lights that reflect the colors of fish and coral reefs, and in the ceiling of the museum there is a huge mummified whale, and when you look at it, it feels like it is alive and swimming in the air and between the walls. This whale was found on Azure beach in the Mediterranean in 2018. The National Institute of Oceanography mummified him to join the mummified marine organisms. Mummification was done by Egyptian hands, using about 5 tons of salt and 5 tons of live geese to be preserved. It contains many laboratories, a library, and large basins for various plants and animals on the seas. 

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